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Marc Schroder2 days ago


Fred Webber4 days ago

#mk1focus #SVT #ford #fukkus #slowcus #rare

Austin Baz6 days ago

Hello, I’m new here. Figured I would share my build in progress/ my daily driver. It’s an 05 Legacy 2.5 GT with a Spec B 6MT swap. Suspension: Feal 441 coilovers, 24mm sway bars, whiteline kta 124 Rear lateral links and some Enkei NT03+m’s 18x9.5 on 265/35’s. Engine: stage 2, V3 accessport, Grimmspeed catless uppipe, invidia catless downpipe, 3 in magnaflow catback (modified), Perrin turbo inlet, IAG air oil seporator. Drivetrain, 6mt spec b swap; 08 spec b trans, spec

Chance Wrobel7 days ago

Pre-Stage MINI Cooper S (R56/N18) -- Catless Downpipe, Intercooler, Intake and JB+ Boost Module. Cold start, exhaust clip and POV Driving https://youtu.be/MFYVNFvqvyc #daily_driver #MINI #PopsAndBangs #built #r56 #n18 #2011 #coopers #john_cooper

Skip Chang11 days ago

It's my weekend toy. Cruising through the mountains and autocross car.

Marc Schroder16 days ago

Oil & Water lines for the Garrett 2560 R turbo

Vincent Davis20 days ago

LMK about your 1.8 builds!

Austin Snyder20 days ago

Will have more photos

Marc Schroder20 days ago

Intercooler piping (aluminium) ready

As a kid, I always dreamed of having an STI. Life happened & I got a naturally aspired automatic Subaru. Changed the transmission, suspension, wheels and then engine. Now it’s like a little mosquito on a whole bunch of drugs, super fun to drive, sounds raspy as hell & I love it ! Big thanks to all of my friends who helped me on this mad project 😃 #wrx #boosted

Cory Zimmerman23 days ago

Warming up the 363. Plugs will be changed being to cold for the Kaase heads. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoSoWUJhRjv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Alek Merkoulov24 days ago

Hey guys, it's been a minute! So I haven't been on in months because of some account issues and decided to make a new account. As the title suggests, I'm selling my car so if anyone near Raleigh is interested, hmu! I plan on starting a new build with a 2017 MK7 Golf GTI (manual). I'm still looking for the perfect candidate but will post more when I have something worth talking about. I've been out of the car

Cory Zimmerman25 days ago

Nice weekend weather = Tire Shredding Smiles #racecar #hybrid #becauseracecar #moneypit #sn95 #fordracing #itsaford #mustang #mustanggt

Cory Zimmerman26 days ago

First drive in 3 years. The car definitely demands your respect. What an aggressive engine. #racecar #fordracing #sn95 #mustang #moneypit #363 #sbf #fordracing #becauseracecar #mustanggt #notloudenough #roadracer

Marc Schroder31 days ago

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Peter Coronato31 days ago

#Mk6GTI #GTI #Stacysmom #stacysmomgti #apr #stage2 #enkei #ecstuning #ecs Im back on wheel well after my build went through a drastic change from stage 2 back to stock. I have a different approach now with the car and excited to share that with you all

Marc Schroder32 days ago

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Timothy R33 days ago

Decided to create an account. Have been wrenching on my MY08 Impreza 2.5i for two years and have installed many parts. Will be listing them as well as uploading pictures in the following days. So far, loving the community!

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