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Mathew Bruce8 days ago

https://youtu.be/rDR2qDv_UoE Lovin <3 this 911 <3

Stephen Hines10 days ago

One owner 1992 Dodge Ram D150 long bed with a 5 speed stick shift. Slowly restoring it.

Stephen Hines10 days ago

One owner Civic which has been in TX which avoided getting littered with hail damage by being garage kept. The MPG's are not as good as my 92' Civic gets. There is like a 10+ MPG difference. I am currently in the process of improving this issue.

Ian Casement10 days ago

Just bought a car by accident. It was too good to resist. A SAAB 9-3SE 2002... 17 years old 100,000 miles, full leather, full airflow kit and its great. Well, it was until I modded it by running it for a week until the A/C pump seized up and ripped the auxiliary belt off so now I'm re-modding it again by fitting a new A/C pump, Auxiliary belt and flywheel (which melted). (fitting the A/C unit again tomorrow for

Sam Ryan15 days ago

An Introduction into my latest project. My current project car is one that I have wanted since they were being sold new back in the 1990s. I purchased a last year of production, relatively low volume spec 1999 BMW M3 5spd coupe, better known as the E36 M3, in Cosmos Schwarz Metallic over Sandbeige. I lusted after this generation M3 since its release but I locked onto my affinity for the car when one of

Ed Dobrzyn17 days ago

I have always wanted a Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo, ever since I saw one of the Full Time Technicians pull up to her parking spot at my old Air Force Reserve unit in a brand new Stealth R/T. Yes. I'm that old. Ever since then, I've wanted one for myself and despite being neck deep into DSM's and turbocharged Mitsubishi vehicles over the years, this particular vehicle always eluded me. Whenever one was available, I either didn't have

Jennifer Leung19 days ago

Follow my car’s insta @jenjen_zooms #car #newmod #intro #carporn #love #insta

Jennifer Leung19 days ago

Throwback to when I first got these rims! I Love the speed 3’s rims!!! It looks different based on the lighting! #mazda #speed3 #cars #carporn #intro #newmod

Jennifer Leung21 days ago

Crazy to think that this baby has over 365,000 miles!!! #honda #delsol #red #carporn #car #intro #newmod

Logan Staton21 days ago

So where did you get your start in the car community? What started this addiction for you? I remember being a kid with a first generation Sony Playstation, all I would ever play was Gran Turismo and Need for Speed, that turned into an obsession of atv's and flying through fields and over jumps as fast as I could go, and then came street bikes, ive only had six of those now. After high school I enlisted in

Haris Bijedic21 days ago

https://youtu.be/nOnRrp9kwK0 New video just released. In this video I am getting ready for my first ever track day. I end up getting some tools and doing a oil change. Also I change out my battery. Then I end up visiting a friend and messing around on an old scooter. Hope you enjoy. . . . . . #fullthrottleauto #fta #fullthrottle #car #cars #automotive #automotiveindustry #raceday #racedayprep #9thgenaccord #honda #accord #hondaaccord

Bradley Pyle22 days ago

Since I've never really shared it with anybody, here's the journey of my car from messy to mean. Update on it's current state coming soon... As she sits today...

Anthony Sostre26 days ago

Just picked it up today, For my wife primarily. Likely going to use her while overlanding but no real plans yet. :D

Caleb Krebs27 days ago

It's come to my attention that I've never really introduced me or my car. So here we go, I'm Caleb, I'm pretty simple about all this, it started with my parents when I was young, buying hotwheels anytime I deserved a reward.. now they wonder why I spend so much on car parts. Nowadays, I'm an "admin" or "crew staff" for the Branson Auto Alliance, our local car scene in Branson, Mo. Basically a car guy, chasing some dreams,

Jennifer Leung28 days ago

Some guy just tried to spit on my car on the highway because he didn’t merge correctly when we got on the highway. He was supposed to merge with me in the first place, he was running me off the road 😂😂😂 #intro #mazda #rant #speed3 #carporn #advice

Ameer Idelah29 days ago

I never really had thought about tuning the wrx too much as I’ve always pondered back and forth on the subject because I never really knew what I wanted out of the car. Now that I’ve had it for a while and am on the JDM motor a tune is mandatory due to the TGV deletes and a few other alterations during the swap if I want the car to drive properly. Due to this I’m now looking into

Anthony Sostre32 days ago

Took this picture at the shop. I literally pulled in and all my lugnuts fell out that back wheel when we removed the centercap! :o Had to replace all 5 studs and lug nuts, but she's already back home. There's a lot of work to do on making her look nice again, I got her just 2 weeks ago and am currently daily driving to work each day. 4cyl manual sport model. She was cheap and is a bit rough

Ameer Idelah33 days ago

I just wanna thank everyone for their continued support of me and the build despite my constant bitching and negative mentality about the car. From the first time it spun a bearing to it finally blowing the motor and both of the awful processes of fixing and swapping it. I’ve had a lot of support from certain car groups and friends but all of that started on this app. I’m not famous or that interesting by any means and

Jennifer Leung33 days ago

The speed officially has its first garage! #advice #carporn #car #mazda #newmod

Jennifer Leung36 days ago

Hatchbacks are the best! #mazda #carporn #intro #newmod #car

Victor Vidarsson39 days ago

Good enough?

#newhere and loving it. This is my 05 STi and it’s the love of my life. JR tuned with a IAG stage 3 plus and so much more. I’m coming for that 500 mark. #insidethebuild #meansti

Kris White41 days ago

New to the site, just threw the first few mods on to the civic #jdm #honda #civic #lowered #carporn #canada #novascotia

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