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RARE #JDM RAYS VOLK RACING TRD Sport rims, an addition to my #OEMgoodies #MR2 #Toyota #newmod gonna start restoring them soon. TELL ME WHAT COLOUR YOU THINK I SHOULD COAT THEM?????

Everyday Car Guys 10 hours ago

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Trevor L.20 hours ago

Loving the leds #newmod

WRX waiting at Tru-Line Seattle (Bellevue, WA) for her new legs, early this morning: Eibach Pro-Kit springs and swaybars. Just got her back and I'm happy! Going to need to spend some time getting used to the new turn-in and differences in handling. Slightly less understeer, maybe? #subaru #wrx #newmod

Fully custom #JDM Honda Civic Hatch civic #Honda #Civic #Newmod #Carporn Fully custom Honda Civic Hatch civic

The NOS kit set up on the mazda 6 #NOS #Mazda #newmod #carporn The NOS kit set up on the mazda 6 #NOS

Hayden Baker1 day ago

Y pipe is ready to go back on as well. Really don't like the yellow but it sure was cheap

Kwann Taylor1 day ago

My power fc came in so it can be able to be tuned for all the stuff I got in her. Just a little more stuff and I can JCI her and get her on the road legally

Bram van Damme2 days ago

Drove the car from The Netherlands to the end of Poland (1500km) to find out that the supercharger was loose. Turns out the previous owner had made custom brackets to fit it. It looks like these brackets were welded by a blind retard with his feet, booger welds all over. Only 2 out of 4 bolts we still tightend, the bracket was cracked and loose. I managed to patch it up with some stainless lockwire and drove it to

The rare OEM Tom’s Racing TO20 rear center piece #MR2 #OEMgoodies #newmod

Hayden Baker2 days ago

I got the test pipes wrapped. Hopefully, it wi keep my feet cool. They're only yellow because it was on sale. Luckily no one can see them ha

7th Gen Celica. 1zz-fe stock.

Eric Beland6 days ago

Installed the speakers in the truck today, definitely a huge improvement. One of the stock ones was blown out and the others were almost dead also. Next comes the stereo, once i can figure out the wiring.

Shelby Terry6 days ago

Got some bad news from the machine shop. The 350 I brought in has a cracked block and a cracked head. It would make a decent boat anchor. That's about it. So with a friend's help, I set out to find another engine from the junkyard. Luckily for me, the yard had numerous Vortec 350s strewn all over the place. After looking over several, I decided on this one, a 1999 Chevy Tahoe. It took basically all day to

Ameer Idelah6 days ago

After the issue we ran into with the stock downpipe and mid pipe during the up pipe installation I went ahead and took up my friends offer to buy his cobb 3inch downpipe meant for a 2016 sti. It bolted up to the turbo perfectly fine but didn’t fit initially because it was a few inches long I decided to have it cut and then have a 3 inch flange welded on and boom it bolted up perfectly. I

Got the Type R lip on, now off to paint!

Hayden Baker8 days ago

While replacing a bad gasket, it's the perfect time to re-wrap my test pipes. With no interior trim, wrapping the exhaust really helps keep my feet and legs cool.

Alex Roberts 10 days ago

Can someone help me find a cheapish 240sx in Uk I’m looking for one preferably from 1996

So this little fella has been hanging out around my IC for a week or so. Just going along for the ride. Poking it’s head out at each prolonged stop. It is very camera shy, but I managed to capture it before it hid again... Guess I’ll add it to the mod section. Real lizard mod.

Marvin Be11 days ago

1st mod getting rid of the red mirrors. One small problem was a rusted but that broke off clean. Needed to replace the whole pivoting mechanism. Spraywraped them for now until I know what color I will go for. Thinking about getting that nice glossy grey that Audis have but also the factory glossy blue looks nice... 3 Months to decide

Ameer Idelah11 days ago

Here goes nothing #forthebuild #subaru #teamwheelwell #grimmspeed

The P.O. was not very good at parking, or driving (or both). Wheels had significant curb damage, and the front-right was bent. The original contis were on their last life. One was replaced with a chinaman alternative. Ditched the Contis for Pirelli P7 Cinturatos 👌🏽 These things are incredible. Rims were straightened, and refinished. Ready for primetime... #newmod, #carporn, #advice,

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