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Roddy Koberg5 hours ago

Bought a little something something to go along with my other anniversary gift to my girlfriend for her jeep... Hopefully she likes them

Jennifer Leung6 hours ago

Took the bb out for a drive 😜 #advice #mazda #carporn #newmod #intro

Hayden Baker7 hours ago

New SCCA sticker for this weekend

Andrew Esquivel8 hours ago

Brake performance drilled slotted vented rotors, and Akebono Ultra Premium ceramic pads. Already installed, and the bite is fantastic.

What is everyone’s favorite car? #advise #carporn #car #mazda #acura #nissan #honda #intro #newmod

Tom Armstrong1 day ago

Injen's website states this cold-air intake can provide gains up to 8hp/8ftlbs from this cold-air intake...That sounds rediculous to me since I have dyno experience. Thoughts?

Robert Sixto1 day ago

For months now the lack of a dome light started to bug me. I swapped bulbs, but with such an old car, it's of course not always that simple. So, time to drop the mirror/dome/map light assembly and see what's what. That little black toggle switch, triggers the dome light to come on all the time, only with door open, or off at all times. Seeing that all the wires seemed in good order, I decided to open

Jon Dagata1 day ago

I can't be the only one who takes advantage of the damn good deals on Amazon? lol. The UPS guy hates me. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjDE7Itheda/?taken-by=blackfireball5

Jennifer Leung2 days ago

Where is everyone from? #advise #newmod #carporn #intro #mazda #nissan #honda #acura #cars

John Perkins2 days ago

Installing new rear silencer this week (Agency Power SS with 85mm Titanium tips) - hoping for a louder engine note as stock is a little tame for this car.

Jennifer Leung2 days ago

#newmod #car #mazda

Hayden Baker2 days ago

Muffler is installed. Gotta admit it is more pleasant to drive on the street now. Had to add a tip to save the bumper though.

Beverton McGill2 days ago


Andrew Esquivel2 days ago

Might be a quick edit, but this is the goal of the Outlander I have. Right now, just doing break upgrades, but will get to this point eventually.

Re-wired my speed sensor and decided to pull the trigger on Flex Fuel. I purchased a set of used FIC 775cc injectors a while back and today I bought the rest. A Walbro 255lph pump, GM FlexFuel sensor, pigtail, and fittings. Retune! Lololololol sigh

Kaleb Thompson3 days ago

Fresh parts installed today! The rear shock absorbers on my Koni Coil Over set were all kinds of blown out. I ordered a higher tier from Koni, and now I’m rocking Koni Yellows in the rear and the original struts in the front, because they show no signs of needing replacement yet. I also replaced rear brake pads with a set of StopTech Sport brake pads. And lastly, I adjusted my rear 034 Motorsports anti-roll bar. It’s been in

Abner Arguilla3 days ago

Added a little cosmetic touch to #lilredteg #d16a1 #1stgenintegra

Roddy Koberg3 days ago

Just ordered some Hawk Performance HPS pads. Excited to see how big of a difference they actually make!

Brian Nguyen4 days ago

"Break room" simulator setup for when I don't have enough time to carve through the mountains but can spare 20 minutes for a few laps on Laguna or Spa. Parts lIst for people interested in setting up their own. - Rig: Custom made wood frame - Wheel/Pedals/Shifter: Logitech G29 - Handbrake: 3/8" pipe contraption with momentary switch soldered to one of the button contacts on the wheel board. - Screen: 2009 iMac Monitor - Computer Setup: Ryzen5 3.5Ghz quadcore, GTX 1060, Corsair LPX 16GB -Seat: BMW

Jon Dagata4 days ago

Just bought the GIVI Windscreen for my FZ09. I think this is one of the best looking windscreens for the FZ09. Can't wait to install it.

Car is officially up & running 👍🏼 I enjoy every second I get to “let it rip” ! The boosted life is so much fun 😁 #newmod #newwheels #boosted #boi #rota #wrx #ej205 #jdm

Ameer Idelah5 days ago

I may be slow, auto, and unreliable.... but dammit I will not be quiet.

Justin Glenn5 days ago

Post by Justin Glenn...

Nicholas Veno5 days ago

Wheels are in the mail. Went with a sqaure setup, 18x9.5 +22 with 265/40/18 pilot sport 4s's all around. Wont be home for a couple months, but pictures will come.

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