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Carson Buffalow8 hours ago

Finally got a hardtop and I have to say, it really does complete the car.

Vincent Davis2 days ago

Clutch install soooooon. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-ecs-parts/ra4-240mm-clutch-conversion-kit-stage-2/ra4s2-steel/

Tom Wood3 days ago

Installed these Subispeed fog light bezels a while ago but never updated the profile!

Gary Flugel5 days ago

There she is, just need to tighten coolant lines and mess with reroute a little so throttle doesn’t hit then she is ready for the dyno.

It’s been a while since I have done some major work to the car. Since the transmission and clutch rebuild, I have really just been doing maintenance on the car here and there. Now, however, I am back at it with a brake upgrade. The car was getting to its end on the brake pads, and the rotors were the same one from the factory and had seen better days. The front one had been fused to the axle

Alex Bennett6 days ago

I'm looking for a 2 step system for my SRT4 I'm looking for one that will make my car sound like an AK-47 any suggestions ? #srt4 #ak47mod #antilag #2step #dodgesrt4 #srt4 #help #advice #newmod

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj9xq_zhd_E #PAStreetScene #liquidwraplabs #proline #dipyourcar #graffiti #spraypaint #art #artcar #plastidip #polarisyellow #polaris #neon #video #fifteen52 #vw #vwr32 #mkiv #veedub #volkswagenR32 #volkswagen #carsofinstagram #vwlife #awd #mkivr32 #mk4r32 #tuner #modified #follow #like #youtube

John Perk9 days ago

Yesterday i fitted the rear deck mid-range speakers which come with Bavsound's stage one upgrade kit for the E46 M3 - they actually went in very easily and provided a clearer, more punchy response than the 15yr old HK ones I took out. I'll be taking the interior door panels off next to replace the tweeters and mids in the front. Comparison of Bavsound vs HK rear deck speakers. https://www.bavsound.com/Stage-One

Gary Flugel10 days ago

I keep buying things, now just gotta install before dyno tune. #miata #skunk2 #intake #radium #fuelrail

Ameer Idelah10 days ago

Didn’t really intend on buying more parts but I’ve been feeling an odd amount of movement coming from the motor & trans lately. Knock sensor is also picking up vibration whenever I come off the line or when the trans shifts. I know the shop who swapped the motor had issues with the motor mounts and had to put my old ones back in which have over 100k miles on them so as a precaution I picked up some

Yash Makwana13 days ago

240sx currently running with the new turbo still have to do a couple of touch up things like the vortech fmu, gauges and power steering relocation.

Dakota Workman13 days ago

The first piece to an elaborate puzzle 🧩😏 #TRMotorsports #C3M #MX5 #Miata #NAmiata

F W13 days ago

just bought a new radar detector, a radenso pro se, and wanted to keep the power cord from dangling across the windshield so i bought and installed a mirrortap. i had done some research before and found a forum post where a guy had already done this mod, with his instructions it was an easy one hour install. i used a voltmeter to test his pin selection (1 for power, 2 for ground) just to make sure, everything checked

Daevin Wlodek13 days ago

https://youtu.be/HQ-r8uMV5eo #Rant #Tint

Andrew Esquivel14 days ago

Holy crap, Morimoto HID equipment is so far ahead of that Kensun garbage on amazon...worth every penny. XB35 with XB H1 5500K HID's using AMP connections. my projectors are not high end, so its temping me to mod using the Morimoto mini H1 gen 7 housings rather than my stuff from Crazy the God.

Nicholas Veno15 days ago

Got the wheels on with no problems. 265s Micheline pilot sports 4s on all 4 corners.

Tyler Andrews17 days ago

https://youtu.be/F61rpQMXmzg My car finally on the dyno.

Tyler Chaves20 days ago

Finally had the time to upload some new pics! New mods since last update: BBK Ceramic Shorty Exhaust Headers BBK O/R X-Pipe Matte Black Quarter Window Louvers MiR Performance Throttle Body Spacer Plus, matte black plasti-dip job on the wheels. 😎

Jason Shaver20 days ago

Doing the Volvo Electric Fan Conversion, no more playing with exploding clutch fans....plus the Clutch fan zaps 30 whp when fully engaged and 15 whp normal..I'd rather have the HP gain then having a power zapper.

Gary Flugel21 days ago

Well, it's running. Need to make more tweaks and clean it up but its alive again.

Ameer Idelah24 days ago

New fuel pump & filters are on. Just spark plugs, knock sensor, & smoke test next. Then gonna clean the injectors and hopefully finalize the tune.

Finally got the new wheels on. Super happy with them and found a nice spot around town to take some pics!

Jacqueline Huang27 days ago

I bought these Project Mu brake pads a few months ago but I was waiting for my Hawks HP+ to die a lot more before replacing them, so I wanted to do a quick review on both brake pads. I really enjoy the Project Mu brake pads from my last two track days due to the modularity of them. Also, they don’t dust anywhere near as much, and they don’t scream (which my eardrums appreciate but I mildly miss my

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