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Hayden Baker10 minutes ago

That time I broke my rear window trying to remove it...yay lexan!

Nick Bacon10 hours ago

Post by Nick Bacon...

Pascal Demski11 hours ago

Looking for budget coilovers with TÜV certificate like raceland ultimo

Ryan GTT12 hours ago

3S-GTE Swapped Rav4 Replace rear LCA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a40iFqs5Xxo Subscribe to my YouTubeChannel for more videos about my 3S-GTE (Gen4) Swapped 98 Rav4. It's got a Torsen rear LSD, 1.5" Lift, Full Poly bushing kit, it weighs 2650Lbs, and is pushing approximately ~320HP AWD. The gearbox and engine are both from the JDM ST215 Caldina GT-T from Japan. I've built two of these Rav4 Swaps, and documented most of my work on YouTube. Subscribe!

Dillon Vang1 day ago

Got the new front lip on the bimmer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buQnmLqaqSY

Although the car I am working on is a full fiberglass bodyshell without chassis, there is still steel in it to spread the forces. A lot of bits have been replaced but the hardest bit I done last. Replacing the rotten outersections of the engine bulkhead. Will be good for another 50 years.

Has both studs that attach my bumper to the fenders snap off so I decided to go with a quick release setup. This can allow me to finally be towed by regular tow trucks and when I encounter something too steep I can take the bumper off. $15 well spent!

Jordan Shuster2 days ago

Finally installed the exhaust! Video to come, I forgot to take one yesterday and, naturally, work has been busy as can be. I’ll also need to order new rubber isolators, as the ones I have make the exhaust hang about half an inch too low. Until then, have some install pics! This is how we chose to spend Valentine’s Day.... I’d call it a success.

Robert Sixto2 days ago

Trying to get this right, so went back out to take apart my door cards. I liked the new GTI-esque tartan fabric, but I didn't like the waviness in how it sat on the door. So, back at it again, hoping it turns out better this time... #chicagocarlife

Tom Armstrong3 days ago

We are going to be using Solo Storm this Sunday to compare our runs. It’s always interesting to compare driving styles in the same vehicle

Jeff Bowman3 days ago

No new updates today, as my wife and daughter might have killed me if I was in the garage instead of having Valentine’s Day dinner with them 😂 Air pump deletes and Fuel Disconnect tool are on the way for more progress tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow evening: -Get Air pump out -Get car in the air -Take off wheels -Disconnect Fuel Lines -Replace torn mudguards

Tom Conklin3 days ago

Fitting up the new ROW rear bumper! Just waiting on the factory Porsche impact strip to arrive from Porsche of Colorado Springs. #porsche #porscheofcoloradosprings #euro #clean #newpaint #turbo #boost #classicautomotives #vintage

D16z6 head came in the mail along with oem honda p08 head gasket. Just waiting on a few more gaskets and will be able to swap this head! #headswap #backontrack #vtecyo #longliveSOHC

#BMW #Daily_Driver #E39 Finally got in my seat heater kit for the 525i. Now I just need to get it driving again so I can install these

Jon Dagata4 days ago

I just picked up these riding gloves to go with my jacket I bought, I thought these looked pretty good. Pretty fairly priced too.

Diverse Motors 4 days ago

More last minute modifications, hopefully were ready by this Friday for Saturdays track day.. #bmw #trackday #dailydriven #325E

A buddy dangled these in my face for too long. Now they’re mine. FIC 775cc high impedance injectors. Once the car runs on the stock injectors/basemap and has all the issues worked out I’ll begin modifying the fuel system. I plan to use a Walbro 255 pump, a GM ethanol content sensor, FuelLab filter, AN-6 fittings and braided hose all throughout. Can’t wait to be able to pump corn into a 20+ year old car.

I finished the job! The 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon now has hood pins. The fun part of this for me, besides being amusing, is that I had to fabricate brackets for the hood pins to attach to. This let me try my hand at a few skills that I don't often utilize, and work with some metal a bit. Meanwhile, the hood pins provided a safe and cost effective solution for my broken hood latch tabs.

Alan Hunter4 days ago

SVE progressive springs installed Drop is 1.1 front 1" rear

Chris Boucher5 days ago

I got my order from zcardepot.com before I even got my tracking number! Amazed at the shipping time. #FenderMirror #Brakes #ZCarDepot #Datsun #240z

Roddy Koberg5 days ago

Got my old style 42's sold today. Money for new mods or a motorcycle????

Robert Sixto5 days ago

Just got them on Friday. Will need to wait for spring to find a good spot for them. They are a bit larger than I expected, but really nice quality. Anyone else get some yet? #chicagocarlife

Diverse Motors 5 days ago

Some serious subframe work here... Just getting camber plates in is a big job... Installed water pump Race thermostat Timing belt kit Mishimoto radiator

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