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Ameer Idelah2 days ago

Tomorrow I get to finally see the car with the new engine in it and drive it and possibly take it home. Then it’s right to body shop afterwords. 😒😒

Ameer Idelah3 days ago

Well it was described a lot worse over the phone. Thankfully it’s just an easy paintjob. I still don’t understand how he missed the ramp... let that be a lesson... STAY OFF YOUR PHONE WHEN YOURE DRIVING, especially when it’s NOT YOUR CAR. 😒

Yesterday I ordered my Volvo 242 a fancy new steering wheel to replace the bus wheel that currently directs my car and I made an appointment to get the car an alignment today as well, and maybe have them dial in a bit of camber for funsies while their at it. Alls I needed to do was get gas and then head to the alignment shop! I made it as far as the gas station. First problem, my co-owner

A lot of us go out and buy old cars to fix up and make faster. Some of us do this with a plan and others go out and look for the best bang for your buck. Either approach is just fine, but know the difference. If you have money to potentially burn when your cheap project goes sideways on you because you were so busy bolting on a big turbo that you forgot to clean out the crank

Michael Jobusch8 days ago

This car had never left me stranded until... Why are these even separate parts left to deteriorate? One is the end of the clutch safety interlock switch button, the other is for the brake...

Michael Jobusch8 days ago

This car had never left me stranded until... Why are these even separate parts left to deteriorate? One is the end of the clutch safety interlock switch button, the other is for the brake...

Tom Armstrong11 days ago

Well I got the transmission out of the race car for the LSD install, but it was a fight. The aftermarket axles I bought for the 6-speed swap were a total PITA to remove. Luckily the passenger side came out in the car, but the driver side was a fighter. I just dropped the trans with the axle still in and then used a small pry bar and hammer to drive the axle out from the other side. I’m gonna

Tom Armstrong17 days ago

I know there are maintenance schedules we are supposed to follow, but manual transmissions, differentials, and brake fluids are things I do ANNUALLY. Why you ask.....because these systems have no filter to catch contamination. The Subaru front differential gets all of the radiant heat from the CVT since they are only separated by a steel tube. The CVT normally operates at 200 degrees, and a lot of the time about 75% of the power is going to the front

Ameer Idelah18 days ago

The JDM Ej205 seems the be the job we’re leaning towards now for the wrx. The shop that wants to do the 2.5 hybrid build just isn’t convincing me it won’t fail again in another 9 months and have failed to give me any updates on sourcing a motor since the week began. So it’s time to try something new. I’m losing my patience.

Have you ever seen that guy driving his slammed old car, with a slight lean to one side, almost like the body of the car isn’t on straight? I almost accidently became that guy today. Not only does this look ridiculous when it happens, it’s unsafe. What’s happening is the geometry of the suspension has changed, so now your car is literally sideways on its frame. You are now driving your car like a crab walks. Luckily my drive to the

Ameer Idelah21 days ago

So I have news regarding the worlds most annoying WRX since the motor has completely shit itself now. If I can’t swing an IAG built STI shortblock these are the plans. PLAN A - Shop is gonna source a US 2.5 sti engine. And it may be a a hybrid of the Ej205 and Ej257. PLAN B - Get JDM 2.0 swap with a shop I know nothing about. PLAN C - cut my losses and walk away

Brandon Marquis23 days ago

I value quality and reliability over all else when I buy a car. After doing tons of research last year, I heard and read that Porsche Caymans were a good buy and that Porsche was one of the most reliable manufacturers in Europe. They're great for commute and the track. I know every car has its "Achilles Heel". But a reliable car is one that can get you home despite its flaws. My RSX, for instance,

Jake Johnson24 days ago

Cylinder 3 misfire. After I've replaced injector connector, spark plugs, optispark, and a full engine rebuild, still a damn cylinder 3 misfire. The only thing that I could even potentially imagine right now is that maybe I didn't clean the deck enough when I installed the head gasket and something isn't sitting right. I'm at a loss and I'm trying to keep myself from burning this damn car to the ground.

Tom Armstrong24 days ago

I can’t find any bolt markings on the internet like this. They are my transmission case bolts, similar to every other bolt on the car but with the 2 lines....my guess is 8.8 but who knows. HELP!

Derry Odell26 days ago

I think ford is making a big mistake discontinuing most of its passenger cars in north america in favor of suvs and trucks. Ugh. Stupid stupid stupid #rant #ford

Steven Garcia26 days ago

Owner of a 2014 Chevy Camaro LS. Looking to do mods. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sub to me on YouTube as I continue my journey in the streets of Chicago #newmod to come. #camaro #carenthusiast #cars #racing #carporn #advice #into #rant #insidethebuild Follow me to see more please #newmod#camaro#carenthusiast#cars#racing#carporn#advice#into #camaro #chevy #youtube

Tom Armstrong28 days ago

Well I don’t have surprising news to share, we all expected this result. I did a run of clicks starting with 25ftlbs up to 65ftlbs in increments of 10 comparing a 3/8 Snapon to the Pittsburgh. The stud had grease on the threads and 2 smooth washers, so absolutely no bind. Result I had to use the Snapon first and make a mark because the Pittsburgh applies higher torque at the same setting and would move the nut past the

#Ford #Focus #Daily_Driver #rant Every time I have to service the air conditioning on this car I'm reminded of how terrible some designs can be. The low pressure service port for the A/C is located behind the front bumper, in the passenger side wheel well. It's a pain to get to and overall just a bad idea. Every other car I've worked on has had the port easily accessible from the engine bay. Why, Ford, why?

Jon Dagata34 days ago

I passed this car on the highway yesterday after work. I saw it coming in my rear view mirror, and it made me realize something. I cannot stand cars that are not symmetrical. Why would they put the double racing stripe offset like that? It just personally makes me OCD. lol. Does that bother anyone else? #rant

Jake Friedberg35 days ago

Really loving my exhaust system on the car but I really wish I could afford that AWE system 😰

Tobias Linder36 days ago

Disclaimer: I'm not pissing on turbo builds. I'm just tired of this ridiculus urban legend that you can "remove turbo lag". Turbo lag isn't bad. It's a matter of taste. But please stop spreading this urban legend. "But the Turbo modded guys always say they have next to no lag anyway. Except I always notice it when I drive their cars??!!" Read this on a forum, and I can only agree. "I have no lag" is just dreams and crystal

#Saab #Project_Car Friday was also the day I found out the air conditioning in my Saab no longer works. It's always something with this car.

Jordan Varga38 days ago

Pot holes in this city and trusting kaltire to install a bushing. Not a good combo. #pissed

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