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How many of you out there agree with the commanding prices of the air cooled Porsches? I sure in hells don't. Especially the guys with a few dollars that jump on the band wagon thinking "I have an investment" or "I want to get in on the Porsche's are cool fad"

Jeff Bowman5 hours ago

Shelby, my 05 FXT daily, decided that her power steering pump would take a dump Thursday morning, so in the midst of building my STI, my daily is now stuck at work and we’re down to one car! 😔😔 Somehow air got in the system and killed the pump. A new OEM is 300....

Jessica Pomerleau12 hours ago

Definitely missing the summer heat and sunny days... why do I live in Quebec? 😭 (oh right all the winter drifting 😈) but seriously, can't wait to get to some shows/meets!!!!!!

Yves Vds23 hours ago

Cars are getting better and better. The tremendous amount of tech keeps you safe in even the most harsh weather conditions. They monitor our driving styles, read traffic signs, etc. I rent cars from time to time. These are very recent cars. And one thing I keep noticing is the absence of a spare tire. Most of them don’t even have a space-saver spare tire. You know, these flimsy, crappy tires which won’t allow you to go over 50mph… (Which

Ste Ste1 day ago

So many tickets

This is a story of warning when buying an older car. If a seller emphasizes that they're an "owner of body shop" or "I've been a mechanic my whole life" keep a hint of doubt in the back of your mind. When i purchased my car it wasn't running properly and the PO couldn't fix it as hard as he tried. I bought the car because it was very rust free ad had an older paint job, the kind

Need this winter weather gone so I can finally drive this car again for the first time in a year. #missmycar #becauseracecar #roadracer #fordracing #mustang #laserred #hellraiser #moneypit #sn95 #morepower #v8 #363

Tom Armstrong2 days ago

Why is my Forester only rated for 1500lbs tow capacity? Engine size, brake size, chassis? The racecar is only 1900lbs, thats close enough right? LOL

Jon Dagata2 days ago

This morning, this idiot almost caused an accident. I was almost to work and was about to pull into the parking lot. My coworker was coming from the other direction and she had the right of way, so I put my blinker on and waited to turn left. As she finished pulling into the lot I began making my turn when all of a sudden, some dumbass decides he is going to try to go around me on my

Hayden Baker3 days ago

Less than two more weeks and I'm free to work on my cars again! Can't wait! BMW carbon intake will be the first project to finish then a full series of details on the 350Z

When it's gonna be 60 degrees tomorrow but your race car is still down for the winter

Well back to my original plan: Plan B, so I've been working for Larry H. Miller Ford since the beginning of June of 2017. A few days after I began working there, this incredible beauty came off the truck: 2017 Ford Focus ST-3 in all black. Back then the rebate of the ST-3 was $1500 @ $31K MSRP. This car has been at our dealership for 296 days according to our system. It makes this car our "oldest" unit

Roddy Koberg3 days ago

Sounds like I am going to have to cut a hole through my transmission tunnel to get to the stuck bolt. Hopefully I dont hurt the carpet or interior but I need my car back. I will do what ever it takes at this point

Andrew Taylor3 days ago

#rant why does the wheelwell app automatically jump to a comment reply regardless of what you're doing? I hate when I'm seven sentences into a comment reply and BOOM! Fuck my comment, we're going to that reply.

Brian Post4 days ago

Clean break on the fender. So the car is finally in transport and they had a little fender ding. Nothing major - Luckily I sprung for the shipping insurance. So anyways - the passenger fender got beat up a little bit (again nothing I can do about it) Drivers first time in a RHD car. When I get it in hand I can file a claim with the BOL. Thankfully the driver called immediately to tell me what happend.

#BMW #E39 #Daily_Driver #Broken Opened up my intake over the weekend to find water and a chunk of ice just before the throttle body. It looks like the issue is the crank case ventilation system. Previous owner had a standard version installed like 2.5 months ago. Too bad it needed the winter climate version.

Joost Van Dien5 days ago

I had to pick up my mother and brother when I found an abandoned peugeot 306 in the parking lot. Tires where down, very dusty, plates removed. It always quesions me, why? What happened. Did they drop it there as they never came back? Immigrated? Maybe they died while away? Car was of little value and left it there? Did a road trip, flew away and didn't bother? Who knows some more?

Roddy Koberg6 days ago

got all but one transmission bolt out but the last one is acting like its crossthreaded or something and rounded the head off. 2 foot breaker bar failed me this time. Damn BMW... I need something else

Well, I've found two Nissan 370z's that are well within my price range in terms of monthly payments. One is a 2010 370z Nismo going for $16K and the other is a 2010 Nissan 370z Touring for $15K. Both Z's are manuals and both have somewhat cheap monthly's. It basically comes down to how much they'll be after factoring in my trade in and the extra I'll put down for a down + the leftover equity. Insurance is the

Always makes me laugh to see people stuck because they drive traction or propulsion. I live in Québec, Canada, so snowy winters aren't news here. It's like, you know that every year we get snow, why don't you get a car or good tires to go with it? Love seeing a civic stuck, should've bought AWD 😂 #rant

Tom Armstrong7 days ago

Nothing annoys me more than those people that notice you’re trying to merge, and speed up to block you....a fucking low-life won’t stop me, I just move over anyways and watch them freak our

I've lived mostly in Connecticut and Oregon, and while cars may rust in Connecticut, you do not park a car for a week and come back to a thin coat of mold on numerous surfaces inside your car in Connecticut, during the winter. So why is there water in my car? Well it starts with the car being 23 years old and having almost 200k miles. But the real reason is that I have the misfortune of rear hatch

Jake Johnson7 days ago

On the C4 engine rebuild, the biggest headache has surprisingly come from the harmonic balancer and pulley. The pulley bolts onto the hub, but has a very small bolt, which means that if your threads get even slightly messed up, you're gonna have a bad time. I've spent more time in this rebuild trying to bolt on that balancer than I ever thought I'd have to. But it's finally done, and I'm that much closer to having a running

Jeff Bowman7 days ago

Every manufacturer has those jobs that are made impossible by design that should be easy. What are yours?? Subaru’s...... Sparks Plugs et al. 🙄🙄

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