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Jeff Bowman8 days ago

I got a message yesterday afternoon from Doug, my tuner at DBW Motorsports. Compression Numbers: Cylinder 1- 135 PSI Cylinder 2- 132 PSI Cylinder 3- 136 PSI Cylinder 4- 70 PSI It hurts me to write this. Looks like Sammie will be down again for a complete overhaul starting next Thursday..... damn it. #rant #sammiethesti

Daevin Wlodek12 days ago

https://youtu.be/9t_nCefpwIQ Got some bad news guys... check out the video for more details

Hayden Baker18 days ago

So glad their app is a piece of shit. Crashes on me ALL the time #rant

Always fun to get thumbs up while hooning the wrx, not as much when the cops tell ya 😵 #justwanttohearmyturbo #rant #quebecsucks #straightpipe

Jennifer Leung29 days ago

Some guy just tried to spit on my car on the highway because he didn’t merge correctly when we got on the highway. He was supposed to merge with me in the first place, he was running me off the road 😂😂😂 #intro #mazda #rant #speed3 #carporn #advice

Tobias Linder30 days ago

Yes. That's electrical cables pinched between the intake manifold and the head. I am the best. #rant #diy

Tom Armstrong30 days ago

I’ve become so disgusted with dealership life I started applying to anything that will expand my expertise. Fixing cars under warranty because people can’t drive has taken its toll on my creative side, gotta get outa this shit-hole industry....

Maggie Johnson32 days ago

My boyfriend ordered a downpipe through ZZ Performance and when it came in the mail it was the completely wrong one, not even for the make or model of his car. Called them and explained the situation and they told us their website has a few glitches that because they were out of stock it automatically sent us something else. i would suggest going through them if you’re expecting what you ordered or if you’re expecting helpful people. #review

Ameer Idelah35 days ago

Well I need to come up with $1300 to cover an accessport and dynotune. I was initially told I wouldn’t need a dyno tune and now here we are. Unfortunately I’ll lose my parts warranty, but I can’t afford to be going back and forth to the shop every week because they keep making mistakes. Evap system needs to be fixed too since half of it is Japanese and the other half is USDM. This is what happens when

Ameer Idelah40 days ago

Im no stranger to shit talking when it comes to my car. Hell I talk more shit about it than anyone else and shit talking is okay to a degree but there’s a certain point where it becomes annoying and flat out disrespectful. Im seeing a lot of kids my age (19-21) belittling other people’s cars despite the fact that the car they drive was bought, built, and maintained for them and then just given to them.

Corey Crow44 days ago

Wanted to show off my wheelwell decals that I was lucky to win a month or so ago. Finally took some pics. Thanks Wheelwell 😃

Tom Armstrong45 days ago

Well here we are again, another episode of dealership WTF moments. This guy comes in with a complaint of poor fuel range, he tells us he only got 145 miles out of a whole 17 gallon tank. My first though was to check the mpg display, and it read “9.5 ave”. I know from experience that the display goes down to about 5.0 under WOT, and every minute you sit and idle the average mpg drops. I read the data

Ameer Idelah47 days ago

I’m starting to like the Chicago car scene less and less the more I get to know it. Filled with a bunch of useless attention seeking shit talkers and constant grandstanding. I know this isn’t just tied to Chicago and I know not everyone in the car community is like this. I’m never one to blame the entirety of any group for a few bad eggs, but the more meets I go to... the more people like this I

Ethan Baggett48 days ago

I cleaned her off and wrapped her up, and this is how she’ll stay for the next week or so. I’m looking forward to the vacation, but I’ll be missing my Blueberry. We’re heading over to Louisiana to visit family, anyone else going on any fun vacations this summer?

Weston Weber51 days ago

Just dropped the rover off at the mechanics after my neighbor backed into it I was driving down I-35 and the truck dinged at me saying engine failsafe program telling me that I can’t go faster then 40 and rpms low looks like when he backed into it may have damaged the engine

Tom Armstrong52 days ago

Well dammit. They contacted me on LinkedIn, had a phone interview, and then decided not to hire me? I’m confused how they think basic 3-phase is too complicated for someone who is L1 certified....I’m losing all hope in this industry.

Ethan Baggett56 days ago

So, yesterday I was outside working the drive thru in the morning. At first it seemed like a coincidence... at least 5 challengers pulled through at different times. They just kept coming during my few hours outside, and I counted around 10! Never before have I seen such a thing. I snapped a quick picture of two of them side by side to remember the moment. It was quite the car show that day.

Jennifer Leung56 days ago

Replaced the throttle position sensor on the 300zx, it definitely needed it #carporn #newmod #nissan #wheelwell #car #rant

Jennifer Leung59 days ago

Took the Mazda for a lake drive, under the stars ✨ #mazda #newmod #carporn #intro #rant

Tom Armstrong63 days ago

I had a car come into the shop with a no a/c concern, after evaluating the little refrigerant left in the system I inspected everything for leaks. There wasn’t a significant trace of 134 anywhere using the UV light. I found a small amount in the evaporator fins, so I replaced it. I ran the car for an hour with the a/c at max cool, and I started noticing the air getting warm again. I grabbed the low-side pipe

Jennifer Leung63 days ago

New Rims, for the Mazda Speed 3 😜 #carporn #rims #mazda #intro #newmod

Jennifer Leung65 days ago

Another car wash day today #honda #delsol #red #love #car #carporn #intro #rant

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