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Jared Eleccion19 days ago

Beautiful day at Marina ☀️☀️☀️ Sister's first autocross! #Autocross #carporn #bmw #autox #vw #e39 #rant #intro #project_car #savethemanuals

Spork --137 days ago

Pop up headlights = best ever feature?

Dylan Dale138 days ago

Lovely Austin Healey 3000. ____________

Spork --139 days ago

Wiring in the '87 definitely tried to go up in flames today. mr2 gram ofinstagram

Dylan Dale139 days ago

It's been almost 3 years I had to store this car in a storage unit, but now she is back home and in the garage. I can't wait to get to drive Wanda for the first time since I bought her back in 2009. ____________________

Spork --143 days ago

mr2 gram ofinstagram

Dylan Dale146 days ago

There is a special place in my heart for the 911SC. I will always want one and will always be my favorite Porsche. It was awesome to get to see this beautiful and driven model. I can't wait to have my own. 911 ycars

Spork --151 days ago

gram ofinstagram

Jose Elias Chipres162 days ago

MK10 Si x MK 3 Focus!🚙🚗 #Manual#Mk10si #Ford#Honda_br#civic#10thgencivic

Dylan Dale156 days ago

My Goat stares at the ocean mourning the loss of its birthplace in a few days time. ______________ cars

Tommy Craft787 days ago

16 years ago today my love affair with Jeeps started when I purchased this 1989 Wrangler. I learned how to drive stick in her as well.

Dylan Dale162 days ago

Fill 'er up _________________ sitelock

Chadd Randall166 days ago

911R no.314 of 991 _________________________________________ @porsche 911 r_lifestyle style247 porn

Benjamin Yu185 days ago

I just wanna do drift shit with my driftrat friends, sergeant.

Dylan Dale169 days ago

Proud Porsche _________________ 911 rsamericacars

Evan Aschbacher836 days ago

Had this thing a year today. Honestly didn't think it would last this long. It's got rust, and other issues, but this truck is a champ. It's been my daily most days and has left me stranded only once. Except for times it gotten stuck. Hauling everything from different motor/trans combos to dishwashers and everything in between. Here's to you: in

Evan Aschbacher766 days ago

It's almost all done. The rest of the lip kit is here and I'm done gathering my swap pieces. Here's hoping for an easy swap and not needing any more parts. #Acura

Evan Aschbacher569 days ago

For those that don't know, the S10 was rear-ended last night on 150. I'm ok, walked away with little injuries. She is a champion, taking a near 50mph collision and saving my life. God was definitely watching over me last night. I'll miss you.

Evan Aschbacher563 days ago

The auto's days are done and the 6MTs are about to begin. The engine harness, ECU and auto shifter and cables were pulled today. Along with the timing belt and water pump combo on the J32 and a few other odds and ends. It's getting closer.

Evan Aschbacher528 days ago

It's getting closer. Sitting on the mounts, engine harness is through the firewall, J37 manifold on, clutch/brake pedals mounted, and clutch master set on the firewall. Intake manifold is a J35 top plate, a J37 TL SH manifold, P2R adapter, and the J32 throttle body.

Evan Aschbacher520 days ago

This is probably how this car will sit for a while. If anyone can give me any leads that I haven't found on this J32 wiring, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hayden Baker172 days ago

I really want a manual R8 V8 convertible! (I know this is a coupe ha)

Dylan Dale179 days ago

What a cute ride outside Japanese Classic Car Show ___________________ car

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