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Primo Gardner100 days ago

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Heather Garrison327 days ago

Side by side Sunday with my girl @red_queen_ob .

Shawn Shetley482 days ago

Big shout out to my brochacho @coachhuskins with the 2017 Subaru STI and the unknown driver of the 2005 Subaru STi.

Shawn Shetley439 days ago

Enjoyed a little photo-op and chance to cruise around this early morning with @sabbathtechnicainternational, @r_romero27, @coachhuskins, @kamex_wrx and more. As always thanks for the invite and see you guys next time.

Shawn Shetley438 days ago

So I decided that my headlights needed to be resurfaced because they were so oxidized and yellow. The top is before, second is half done and half not and the last is completed. Damn it is Day and night with how they look.

Shawn Shetley351 days ago

I am having boost issues and thought that it was boost leak. So I took it to the shop for a smoke test but I do not have a boost leak. I’m super stumped right now and looks like I will be taking a trip to soon to see what they can do.

Official ScuubZ1933 days ago

into my puddled parking parking spot. @subiedaily @crayola_crazy @psycho_redneck @darth_ithica

Heather Garrison333 days ago

The wax is working exellently!

Heather Garrison341 days ago

#Subiesunday Rolling home the other day and @the_rexrist snapped a photo.

Heather Garrison343 days ago

Have to post for #FrontEndFriday

Heather Garrison349 days ago

with Feisti!

Heather Garrison368 days ago

Still loving the pin stripes!

Keawe Gibson797 days ago

Got a roller shot from the last cruise.

Keawe Gibson742 days ago

Doing racecar stuff with @downclimb4what... Not too shabby especially at altitude.

Keawe Gibson709 days ago

Soon it will be subie weather ❄️❄️ flow

Heather Garrison376 days ago

A bit of a throw back to the beginning of the spring.

Heather Garrison379 days ago

A bit early for Front End Friday but here it is.

Phil Hammar458 days ago

Best thing ive bought for the car.

Clinched Flares 796 days ago

Clinched NewSchool +4cm fender flares on Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon. Owner: @jus_jeff_yo

Heather Garrison396 days ago

A shot from our local Cars and Coffee a few weeks ago!

Heather Garrison397 days ago

Subie Sunday!love

Gary Ferdinandi603 days ago

... my first 99. This car began my love affair with. only sofinstagram

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