230 HP
265.5 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2753 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

I got this car back in Dec 2012. It was a bone stock auto S14. and i loved it they first day i saw it. It was my auntie's car at the time. My Uncle is a car dealer and had got as a replacement car for her as she had have an accident earlier that month. My uncle said take it for a test drive on Christmas day. and Boxing day it was mine.  I have been working on it as much as i can. Its now manual. New block, and lots of other small mods. Its making 171Kw (230HP) at the wheels on 13psi Boost and i have some small plans to make it 180KW with some new 550cc injectors. But Big power is not my goal. I drive the car every day. and want it to be a nice reliable street car.  Every day i start it, it makes me smile.

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