I brought my first car, 2012 Scion tC on Friday, November 28th 2015. I didn’t start doing mods until March 2016 and my first mod was 35% tint all around. I also did some plasti dipping. In May I started working on to the performance. I swapped out my exhaust system with CNT (headers, mid pipe and exhaust). Unfortunately it didn’t come with a down pipe so that’s still stock and I have to get that custom made. I have a GT concept body kit from duraflex (hood, side skirts, bumper and flares). I plan to get new wheels, racing seats with harness and harness bar, re carpet my interior and vinyl wrap my interior, air suspension and a turbo kit. I have a lot planned for the remaining of this year and I plan to share the journey with you all. My goal is to have a dope, unique and rare Scion tC.

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