b5234t3 DOHC i5
50-57 .85ar
350-400whp (unknown)
m56 5spd manual
17x10 -12 offset
Not Good

I bought this car almost 2 Years ago as a bone stock factory m56 5spd manual S60 T5 with 179,000 miles and 0 service records from a car flipper. I had searched for almost 2 years for a manual transmission s60 T5 for sale and during that time I only saw 2 pop up for sale and both were sold within a couple days of being listed. This car was in rough shape but mechanically it seemed decent so I bought immediately due to the rarity and high interest I had. Within 3 months of owning the car the engine built up crankcase even though I had already replaced the pcv system and the engine passed the infamous glove test. The pressure blew a cam seal straight off the head as I was driving resulting in a major oil leak followed by rod knock. I parked the car for a while and then decided to do a full build on it. I racked up thousands of dollars worth of maintenance items and mods all of which I've basically done myself. My maintenance list for all the parts I replaced is a page long and i have a separate page long mod list. As far as mods go: Custom made one off front and rear bumpers, a custom trunk lid, a big turbo, external wastegate, wide wheels and tires, V70R interior pieces, R gauge cluster swap, and a custom center exit exhaust just to name a few mods. I received a decent amount of backlash from "Purists" due to the "outlandish" Frankenstein nature of my build, but that didn't stop me from modifying my car to my liking as well as continuing to provide info to the community on all the things I've done and learned throughout this process. As the car sits today the mod list is almost a page long and so is the maintenance list of parts i replaced before dropping the new engine in. Since I've bought the car almost 2 years ago I've put 8,000 miles on it. Doing the setup I have today has truly been a challenge, but in the end I can say that I've done 95% of the work for this car and there aren't many other S60 T5s out there or s60s in general that can compare to my car as a whole. There are lots of big turbo cars out there making much more power than my car but very few are as unique as my car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa5MNPxSl-8&t=58s

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