300 whp
350 ft-lb
Engine size
2.5 L
6 Speed Manual
~21 MPG

It’s been a dream of mine to build an STI. I finally got a 2013 and am so excited to start my journey and boy what an expensive journey it has been so far.

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I think they came out pretty sweet.

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Dyno is complete. 300whp 350ft-lbs At 19psi on E85 On Wasatch Turbo Factory’s heart breaking must

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Everyone place your bets on dyno numbers. The car is at the dyno today. Tuning for 91 and E85.

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Time to schedule a time to get the car in for a final tune. The break in is done!

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Demon eye test

Can’t wait to get these installed and black out the chrome.

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Almost done!

Cars just about done. $8300 later. 😳 Runs great. Just needs the 1500 mile break in and then final

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Flex Fuel Kit

Got the Flex Fuel Kit, 1050cc injectors, and AEM fuel pump. Going to the shop on Monday to drop it

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MIA update

Not many followers but sorry for being MIA. My STI told a knock knock joke on the dyno last month.

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Well, fuck!

Won’t have dyno numbers for a little bit longer. We found metal in the oil pan and as soon as we st

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*Face palm*

WTF?! Enough said. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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