276 HP
241 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2240 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
Turbo 1.6 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
140 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
13.0 @ 110.6 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.7 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
19 (E85) MPG

This is my main Miata. I turbocharged it at 176,000 miles and it lived an awesome life running 230-270+whp for almost 40,000 miles. Then one day I decided to strap on a Garrett Disco Potato and turn the boost up, trying for 300whp. At 295 it started making funny noises on the dyno, and on the way home the 1.6L that could, couldn't do it anymore. So it's time to rebuild it bigger and better.

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[]Sean Wally

I have to thank you so much for your video on installing the AWR motor mounts. I just finished installing them on my Exocet because of your recommendation and used your installation video as a guide.

[]Michael B. Gonzales

Agree, totally bad ass

[]Andrew Johnson


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