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Looking for opinions on Action and regular cameras for Automotive use. Whether it is still pics or

[]Brian Post

The go pro hero is by far my favorite action camera! But if you want crazy angles and solid quality the Gear360 is the way to go!

[]Sac Car Scene

If you are looking to record quality film, I would go with the more expensive Go Pro, but if you are just looking for cameras to mount on the car, I would recommend the cheaper versions. They take decent video at 1080p and can be mounted just about anywhere on the car. I would get one Go Pro and a few of the cheap knock offs to mount on the front of the car and the back of the car. Keep the Go Pro attached inside near or behind the driver's seat, this way you get different aspects.

[]Mister Modtomic

Don't rule out cell phone cameras. I've got an LG G3 and an LG V20 that I use regularly. Both shoot surprisingly good footage. Plus you can use free software like FilmoraGo to edit on your phone! Other than my phones, I use a GoPro Hero 3 White, a Nikon 1 J1 and a Nikon 1 J3 to shoot video. My opinion, don't bother with anything that won't shoot 1080p. Since the widespread ease of access to 4K cameras, 1080p is now the new 720p. Look on your local craigslist for deals. I picked up my GoPro for $85 off craigslist!

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[]Sammie Robertson

GoPros are popular for a reason for sure. I know that's such a basic answer but I love mine!

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Salvage cars

[]Ryan Howell

I've looked into getting salvage cars, but I could never justify the price savings for a car with questionable history

[]Chris Dirkschneider

I've had one! If you need a cheap car to learn on, these make great candidates! Just don't be that guy that tries getting a clean title for it and then sell it to someone without disclosing it was previously salvaged!

[]Justin Cavallucci

If you are building a car just for you and don't care about resale value go for it. Be mindful some insurance companies do not cover salvage cars.

[]Thomas Flaishans

Yes you are correct. I am near State Farms main offices so I see a lot of there salvage cars around here. I will give them a call and do some research.

[]Robert Sixto

This prospect has always intrigued me, but I'm too chicken to actually do it.

[]Thomas Flaishans

I have been looking at copart for a project but haven't found that jewel just yet. 😎

[]Robert Sixto

Happy hunting!

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