190 HP
160 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2643 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.6 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
140 MPH
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

When I moved to Arizona. I had been driving a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse. When I went to school at Universal Technical Institute. It was about one year later until I received any kind of student living assist. And it flooded in in two very large checks. So what I did with my money was sell my Eclipse. And ponder real hard to what decision I should make. I had two options I was looking at. One, Buy a nearly fully restored 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle for $7500. This was definitely the option I should have gone for. It was available I spoke to the guy and then sadly and mistakenly blew him off. Instead I decided my best bet was to buy a car that my friend was familiar with. And since I was going to school to be an auto mechanic. What better way to learn then a super easy car that could be worked on with friends. So I found a Salvage title Integra on Craigslist in Phoenix Arizona. It cost me $4000 (Stupid mistake number 2) But I really enjoyed it. it had been freshly painted and was very smooth. Side skirt had damage but nothing serious. Hood didn't line up, but the chassis had just been repaired. It had a fresh B16A2 with high compression Pistons (Surprisingly it did) even though the car comes stock with a B18. So I bit the bullet I bought the car based on its color and fresh paint. First things first. I bought new keys and locking cylinders through the WHOLE CAR on the first day. Brand new Acura Keys are nice. While I was at I also had the Flashers repaired. It was a total rats nest of wiring, electrical tape and twist caps. I then went straight to the Audio store. Bought a good deck, replaced all the speakers with Kickers. and had a custom box made to fit two 10" Sub woofers while at the same time have a new Viper alarm system installed. It even had a window decal that blinked with a Blue viper when it was active. Pretty cool stuff. Okay so I was now about $2000 into the car. So I called up Skunk2 Racing and order Every Pro series part that would fit onto the engine of a B16A2. $2500 later plus a bitchin Skunk2 Banner. My Parts arrived. I quickly ran into a problem. I didn't order the Black series parts. My bad. So I will install them anyway Lucky me the Intake manifold they sent me had actually Fallen apart. About 2 inches of metal fell off the Second Runner. It was great. My Cars idle was at Vtec. Good thing it had a 2 step. So it just sat there and idle going about 5000 RPM because of a gaping hole. I sent it back under warranty. Unfortunately they sent me the wrong intake manifold. I was sent a D16 and not a B16. I didn't understand why they would make a mistake like that. But I resolved my issue by just buying a New Black series Intake and sending the D16 Manifold back and getting a full refund. Great problem solved...Not Quite. I still had a fairly high idle. Using the patented spray method. I found that the Throttle Body I had was leaking air through the Throttle Blades where the cable pulls. So I had that sent back. But I requested a Black one in return. Skunk2 being a good company gladly did so. After installing this part I had zero pending issues. So later. I bought a B20 that I planned on making a B20 LS Vtec utilizing the Super B16 Cylinder head I just built. So i bought an engine and waited. I saw no need to start on this project yet. In fact I did a tune up on my car replaced everything including the No-Name Water Pump for $30 (That I bought from Ebay. (Mistake Number 3)). I found this to be perfectly acceptable. However. I later found that this new water pump did not like 10,000 RPM the car was fully capable of. And that I forced it to. Even though it stopped making power at 8500 RPM (I reek of Rice) Low and behold the Water Pump snapped and came off. O-F-F off. This being an interference motor and the timing no longer secured. I bent every valve and dented all the nice pistons I had.  Mistake number 4. So I had a fresh motor I could have put into it just laying around. I didn't bother. I was so upset at myself that I immediately sold the vehicle and the spare engine for about $2000. Now I did this to a poor Salvage title Honda. I am kinda glad I didn't buy the Chevelle. 

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