Just picked this car up November of 2017. Named Elanor Rigby. Sat in a garage for a year and a half, a battery, oil, and coolant later, started right up. Needs rust repair come spring. Full brakes due on the back end coming up soon, as well as cleaning up the fog from the headlights, and an aftermarket head unit. Jan 2018: So far basic repairs. Fuel tank straps and the like have been done. Still planning on rust repair come spring. She might get some power mods by summers end, try to help driveability and maybe 1/4mile times if I ever get her to a track. February: Found out the the drivers side quarter panel and rear door have been replaced, will have to address later. Needs new flexpipe up front, throwing CEL due to it and she kinda sounds like she's got a fart can now, gotta fix that asap. March: New flexpipe ordered and will be installed on delivery. Rust repair plans being formed, trunk has been stripped of interior pieces in prep for rust repair.

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