173 HP
235 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3456 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
360 C. I.
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
10/15 MPG

I purchased this car late January of 2017 and I probably wouldn't have it if it weren't for my wife. See, she knew how much this car meant to me. The car used to be in the family. My mom bought it used in 1980 and took care of it ever since. In 2007 right before I went to college my mom passed away and a couple years later my family was in a bit of financial trouble and some items needed to go. It sucked to see the '43' gone but life happens and you move on. Coming back to why my wife played such a key role in getting it back, she was able to get a hold of the guy that bought it, back in the holiday season of 2015. Even though the car wasn't available then the guy was nice enough to give us some shirts that had the car on them because it was featured in a car show in his area. He also mentioned that when he was ready to sell the car we would be the first people he would contact. For 6 years, the car was well taken care of, only needing a couple maintenance items to keep her going. Fast forward to the beginning of 2017, the guy called us mid January and we pulled some strings to gather a truck and trailer and brought it home the next weekend. As of this year I don't have a whole lot planned for it as I need to get the neon prepped for autocross but next year I'm thinking about rebuilding the motor, buying some sticky tires, nice rims and building up the suspension on the car and having some fun with it autocrossing as well.

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