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Tim M.22 days ago

It's pretty awesome living in a desert. Trails are close and plentiful. Sweeping vistas, narrow canyons, and hey rocks are neat.But the best part is playing in the puddles after the floods recede?

Tim M.31 days ago

We purchased the Land Cruiser 1 year ago today as our cheap desert camping/exploring rig. Well, it's definitely done the former, but it has not been the later. Year 1 service highlights:

Tim M.83 days ago

Well, the engine rebuilds done and boy does it sound and drive better. So far the only outliers of the experience are a broken mirror and the AC is broken (great for early summer in Vegas). Working with the shop on those as they were not broken when it was dropped off. Of course, this wouldn't be the Whale unless many other things broke after something else was fixed. So, it now has a new radiator and hoses as a small dent in the original one cracked under full pressure after the cap was replaced... weee coolant bath.I'm also planning brake line replacements and I need to take apart the driver seat as the tracks have bound up. It sure does keep you on your toes

Tim M.125 days ago

The Cruiser is off to the shop for an engine rebuild.The 4.5L has run like a tractor since I got it (plus some really good valve and piston rattle) and the only way I could keep oil in it was to run 20W-40. Despite this and my ham-fisted wrenching, nothing seemed to affect it or it's reliability. However, we are wanting to go farther out into the wilds so i'm going to fix what ain't broken and have the engine torn down and rebuilt for piece of mine. Here's hoping it doesn't ruin it :)

Tim M.318 days ago

A golden tour of Colorado's western slope. The perfect excuse to spin the tires and carve up the passes.

Tim M.322 days ago

Ah fall in the desert. Great temps and clear dark skies. A quick getaway from the city to see some real stars and have no one around for miles. Only marred by a flat tire on the way home... Looks like the 8-year-old mismatched random tires arn't going to work... oh well an excuse for nicer rubber. Pro-tip, always make sure your used car has a lugnut wrench when inventoring before leaving.

Tim M.329 days ago

It lives! a new Solenoid and it's working like a charm. On an related note, 2 day shipping is still the most awesome thing that gets taken for granted.

Tim M.330 days ago

Replaced the original (210,000 mile shocks) with some KYB's as an interim until I decide on a suspension route. Required sawzall and lots of wincing and hoping I didn't cut anything else.... I failed at that, so I'm ordering a new solenoid... sigh.

Tim M.330 days ago

So, figured out what that popping noise was on the whale. There's supposed to be rubber under that washer.

Tim M.367 days ago

First dirt! Bitter springs, lake mead... Only got slightly stuck once, but found the clearance limit of the trailer hitch often hey look wildlife.

Tim M.380 days ago

12+ hours for tear down and rebuild of the leaking front knuckle (that's right, just 1) thanks to some innovative previous solutions to a leaking hub. I don't think its recommended to use bathroom sealant in place of gaskets, but it's all better now and nothing my new 20lb shorty sledge couldn't overcome. Sounds & drives so much better with no high pitched whines from the front end.

Tim M.384 days ago

Jacked up and ready for lube and service :) Should be a very greasy weekend, which are the best kinds.

Tim M.409 days ago

Note to self, led bulbs don't like monsoon floods very much. In other news sealed lighting is a relative term.

Tim M.413 days ago

4 National Parks full of excellent roads, views, and beauty and it only adds 2 hours to the 8 hour holiday road trip... Yes, please! Capital Reef, Grand Staircase Escalante, Bryce Canyon, and Zion

Tim M.472 days ago

Mini Camping, Who says you need ground clearance to drive into the desert?

Tim M.506 days ago

So many perfect miles of asphalt in Death Valley to test launch control with, so little rear tire left.

Tim M.537 days ago

Ooooh LED's, so much better then the old incandescent mess

Tim M.555 days ago

Clean again!

Tim M.781 days ago

Nothing like detailing at 8pm in 100+ heat to get the pulse up. Stay hydrated all!

Tim M.827 days ago

5 days, 1900 miles, 6 fill ups (gas and energy drinks), 2 audio books, and 1 really messy reason why not to take a college student out drinking in the new car.

Tim M.829 days ago

Utah, your bugs are immense.

Tim M.834 days ago

Cleaned and Prepped.... Road Trip!