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        Just got this beast! I always wanted an Alpina, rare, exclusive, and a bit more subtle than an M car, although I wouldn't turn one down! Shock horror it's a twin turbo four cylinder Diesel!! Mated to an automatic gear box  with button shift on the steering wheel!  I'm not sure that should work but whatever Alpina do it works, I have never owned a diesel before but I've driven vans and hire cars and they don't feel like this!?  It's refined, it doesn't sound like a diesel apart from at low revs, it drives like a very fast petrol non turbo with a massive engine! Loads of torque lots of smiles job done! PS, great MPG too!

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        []Tim Nunn

        Thanks, its a beast!

        []Joseph Frascati

        I don't think we go tany Alpina 3 series here in the US. Always great to see one. I'd love a B3.

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