Specs (MfR)
-- --
Peak power @ 6200Rpm
280 Hp
Peak torque @ 4500rpm
270 Ft-lbs
Curb weight (est)
~3430 Lbs

I've been a fan of the G35 coupe's, and more generally Nissan's, for a long time now. From being a kid and falling in love with the 300zx turbo in magazines, to being introduced to the Skyline via Gran Turismo on the OG playstation. ( Always wanted a 240sx too but that window closed a long time ago, since they all got beat to shit. ) This car scratches many, many itches of mine :-) This is my fun, cruiser-slash-grocery getter project car. The plan is to slowly build this up while staying a true GT. That is, I want performance, comfort, looks, and reliability. This thing needs to be fun, but also needs to be 100% solid and comfy for long road trips. No gutting interiors, or building only for max horsepower. It does see some canyon carving, and autocross is in the near future hopefully. But this will not be my hardcore track car... I originally wanted a 6 speed but the price and condition were right on this one ( ..I might just be getting old too! Didn't enjoy that clutch like I thought I would ). I'm really starting to appreciate the manu-matic mode now, and can't wait for some paddle shifters and a valvebody upgrade. Right now there are a few electrical gremlins that need to be worked out, and the suspension needs some TLC. Otherwise, shes in pretty decent shape for a 16 year old nissan.

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An unexpected little Zen moment

I was in the area, so on a whim I decided to pay homage to the old park photoshoot my friend and I

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