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Old is the new new.

Always a great week when you have to work on your car every evening.... MORE

Complete oil change to Mobil brand 15W-40 dino-sludge because it... MORE

Rebuilt the PCV system yet again and it finally idles properly.... MORE

I had the brilliant idea today that if I introduced a vacuum leak,... MORE

Had some work done on the Cool 90s Accord.  She now has braided... MORE

Automotive vanity and automotive health.  Two things that consume... MORE

First the bad news:Car stalled out three times today despite swapping... MORE

I've been very busy ricing out the Accord recently.  Saturday was... MORE

Wasn't very fun, but the Cool 90s Accord is now super legit what... MORE

Installed new AEM fuel rail, fuel pressure guage, and fuel pressure... MORE

Burned out a fog light today. Great news because now I can replace... MORE

Timothy Markworth102 days ago

#StanceNation Put Yokohama AVID Touring-S 205/65-R15s on the Cool 90s Accord. Holy crap it's so much better. Handles and rides completely different. Also, having a full-size spare eliminates so much road noise. This is the tire that the four banger 6G Accord wants and needs.... MORE

Timothy Markworth111 days ago

It finally happened. Took a year and thousands of dollars. Crystal... MORE

Timothy Markworth115 days ago

Good idea: Adding an oil catch can to mitigate issues caused by Bad idea: Forgetting to check if you actually have any clearance for an oil catch can before you purchase it. Oh well. Good opportunity to recycle resources from old projects. No plumbing for now as I need a vacuum scavenger oil cap first.... MORE

Timothy Markworth115 days ago

Not sure that attaching an emergency repair battery terminal to... MORE

Timothy Markworth123 days ago

Shout out to Replikaz. I just wanted a matching rim for a full-size... MORE

Timothy Markworth136 days ago

Getting adjusted to the tuner daily life. The combination of winter... MORE

Timothy Markworth140 days ago

I did all that work on my F23A1 valve cover. Still leaks like... MORE

Timothy Markworth143 days ago

After nearly 7 months, the Cool 90s Accord finally roams the streets... MORE

Timothy Markworth147 days ago

The Cool 90s Accord is getting worked on at Modified by KC. After... MORE

Timothy Markworth185 days ago

What better way to celebrate the progression to your car being Chevy engine block orange and studs-that-aren't-studs. If anyone wants to try this, just know that you need to keep the studs removable because of the spark plug angle.... MORE

Timothy Markworth199 days ago

Finally got the Cool 90s Accord home. It's still broken, but I'm... MORE

Timothy Markworth215 days ago

Welp. AEM 30-6050 on the way. On pace for something like $5k... MORE

Timothy Markworth278 days ago

Welp, turns out my ~12mo dizzy is already dead. That's an expensive... MORE

Timothy Markworth318 days ago

Finally finished replacing the blown shifter linkage on my half-dead... MORE

Timothy Markworth343 days ago

And...a single piece of road debris in the form of a stick ruined... MORE