150 HP
152 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3020 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22/23 MPG

When I started driving this car, it was awful.  Gravel trucks could beat me 0-60.  The front end was beat up from the previous owner hitting a deer.  The car was in a state of mechanical disrepair.  It came to a point where I would either have to replace the car or repair it.  Having determined that I couldn't afford to replace it, I decided that I would turn it into a car that I actually like.  It took a lot of work and a lot of money, but I finally got it there. So yeah.  Here's my late 90s inspired late 90s Accord.  It's the cool 90s car that the Accord never was. Inside, it's set up to be a little more modern.  All the lighting is upgraded to SMDs.  And I mean literally every changeable bulb.  I've also installed a Gamecube with an SD Gecko for some extra entertainment.

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homepage tile photo for Tear Down Progress MKV
Tear Down Progress MKV

Engine removed! Finally got it done. Wasn't much fun. Had to remove a lot stuff that I didn't wa

homepage tile photo for Tear Down Progress MKIV
Tear Down Progress MKIV

Got the passenger side CV axle out of the transmission in the most irresponsible way possible becau

[]Yves Vds

What's actually wrong with the car?

[]Timothy Markworth

Engine is trashed. Blown head gasket. Bad rings and rear main seal (hence the oil all over the engine bay). I have a JDM F23A sitting right next to the car ready for wrenching, but ugh.

homepage tile photo for F23A cooling loop confirmed
F23A cooling loop confirmed

Got some mail and did another test fit. Part number 11107-PT2-000 fits the revised F23A block perf

homepage tile photo for JDM F23A has arrived with a dirty little secret!
JDM F23A has arrived with a dirty little secret!

Here it is! So well kept that the rubber on the intake is still soft! There was some damage to t

homepage tile photo for Tear Down Non-Progress
Tear Down Non-Progress

Finally decided to quit being a lazy bastard and wrench on the Honda last night. Both ball joints

homepage tile photo for Tear Down Progress MKIII
Tear Down Progress MKIII

Pretty sure that all but maybe one or two ground points are detached from the engine and transmissi

homepage tile photo for Tear Down Progress MKII
Tear Down Progress MKII

Ricer mower got a bumper that I made from a license plate bull bar. No photos yet because I have m

homepage tile photo for Tear Down Progress
Tear Down Progress

Good thing I liked driving this car so much, because God knows it stopped being fun to work on a lo

homepage tile photo for Brilliant Bad Idea
Brilliant Bad Idea

While thinking about how to run coolant to the H22 oil cooler on an F23A, I had a funny idea and co

homepage tile photo for ebayDM

Got a silicone hose kit for an F20B DOHC Accord figuring that I can make it fit and not that I actu

homepage tile photo for Prepare Ye
Prepare Ye

Yeah, this is happening. Damn right, it'll fit my Honda. I'll need the extra cooling when I'm ban

[]Robert Sixto

Integrated oil cooler?

[]Timothy Markworth

It's the oil cooler from an H22. It goes between the filter and engine block with a coolant passage providing some extra temperature pull. Not sure how I'll get that part hooked up on an F23A, but for less than $25, I don't care. I'll think of something.

[]Robert Sixto

Ah ok, that's what I was thinking it was. That's a good deal!

homepage tile photo for Step Zero
Step Zero

Car passed inspection after setting for 11 months with a blatantly blown head gasket and light rod