B5244S 2.4L DOHC I5
168 HP @6000 RPM
170 LB⋅FT @4500 RPM
AW-55-50SN 5-Speed Automatic
Curb Wt.
~3330 lbs
Mfr. Date
April 30, 2001
current Wheel SET
Volvo Tethys 17"
current Tire Set
Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 235/45R17
0-60 MPH
10.13 Seconds (LOL)
130 MPH (Electronically Limited)
19/27 MPG

After a two-week search for a decent Fifth-Gen Mitsubishi Mirage, or some alternative, this 2001 Volvo S60 was discovered by accident, and we obtained it for a great price back in May 2013. When I first acquired it, the Volvo needed more than a few minor-to-moderate DIY repairs. Nevertheless, it was almost always completely drivable before and between repairs, and it was an excellent purchase for the price we got it for. It was formerly nicknamed "Blood Falcon", which is based on a malevolent racer in F-Zero, my favorite racing game. However, after several people asked me what I named the car, this nickname was hardly mentioned, and this was because I couldn't come up with a better name at the time. After driving it more, I began to notice it's "personality", and now, I have named her "Jody", which is based on "Jody Summer", another F-Zero character who is an intensely talented protagonist. Like Jody, this car is noble and strong, and runs extremely well despite her very high mileage. Another similar trait shared with Jody---who is extremely skilled at controlling speed---would be the S60's wonderful stability and controllability at high speeds despite only being a naturally-aspirated base model in terms of the engine. Coincidentally, this particular Volvo shares many traits as our family's very first Volvo; A 1993 850 GLT. They are both the same color, and the model year of this S60 is also the same year we acquired the 850 (2001). Not only that, they both have near-identical engines, and the S60 is the second successor to the 850, needless to say. Unfortunately, our 850 was totaled due to a highway accident during September 2006. Now, at well over a quarter-million miles, she's still running strong!

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Great looking Volvo Tim, I really liked this body style.

[]Timothy Moore

Thank you! :D

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