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Tobias Linder

Born 81, never interested in cars until I bought a Miata in december 2015. Now trying to balance street and performance while looking slick.


I grew up one of those kids who didn't really care much about cars. I was more interested in the outside and forests, and later once the late-eighties rolled around, videogames. I started with the Atari and Commodore64 as a young one, but once the NES rolled around, video games really took over my life. It wasn't until I was a grown man I got an interest in cars and bought a Mazda Miata. Well...the rest is history, pretty much. I'm now a fully fledged car nut and working to build a show car that looks amazing, but also drives amazingly. 

Tobias Linder25 days ago

Stripped all the paint and rust off of these braces and was going to paint them. They were completely clear and polished metal. Thought "eh, I might as well add some rust eater just to get rid of any remnants". This is five minutes later. Holy shit. The rust eater is white and goes blackish purple when it reacts with rust. I guess it's a good thing I added the rust eating chemical or the rust would've returned really

Tobias Linder27 days ago

Wheelwell definitely needs a report function, or a more active moderation team. There's *so* many non-car related posts here. Just face pictures, philosophical posts about life, model pictures and general crap about clothes and shoes. This ain't Facebook! #Rant


[]Ernie Szots

With the ability to link your Instagram account to your Wheelwell account and have it duplicate your posts from Instagram to Wheelwell automatically, you're going to see a lot of that. In the past, I've suggested having a sort of digital hopper that would hold the automatic Instagram posts and allow the user to sign off on which make it over to Wheelwell (the car related ones) and which don't (everything else). I think the Wheelwell community team had some thoughts on how to manage it differently, I just assume it's lower on the priority list given everything else.

[]Tobias Linder

That's a likely cause for this yes. Thanks for the insight.

[]Yves Vds

I would also guess a report function is for vulgar or immoral content, not to flag down non-car related things. While this site is mainly about cars, there are also other things than cars in our lives.

[]Ernie Szots

While I agree with you that there is definitely more to our lives than cars, there are other platforms better suited for those things. My feeling is that Wheelwell is the platform for the car things, so I almost never like/comment on non-car related stuff here. If I want to see beautiful pictures, selfies, food pics, etc., I'll go to Instagram. When I want latest news, I head over to Twitter. When I want my dose of car love, I come to Wheelwell, so I can understand the mild annoyance of seeing stuff that belongs on those other platforms here, too.

[]Yves Vds

I understand your point of view. I just ignore all the non car stuff on here, mostly. So far, non car related content has been fairly limited.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

There already is a "Report" feature and while I believe it's intention is more for vulgar comments and posts I have reported posts that are in no way car related.

[]Tobias Linder

Where do you see this? I've been looking everywhere on the post page itself.

EDIT: Found it. You cannot report a post when it has been opened. You have to find it in the feed, click the menu button, and there's the report function. It should probably be more prominent.

Tobias Linder27 days ago

Christ, sometimes OEM parts are just bonkers in price. Most of the time I go OEM replacement parts unless I'm upgrading, but today I looked up new front drop links and reputable aftermarket are about $50 for both front ones. Just for funsies, and ease of purchase (have an OEM store nearby), I checked what OEM would be. $75. Per side. Christ almighty? What's your horror story on OEM versus aftermarket? #Miata #DIY #BuiltNotBought


[]Robert Sixto

I had to chuckle at this a little, remembering my days working as an Audi service advisor, I can't say this was all that shocking a story. To be fair, even at other marks, many of the parts counter guys weren't exactly people persons. 😂

[]Sebastian Nounou

*** WheelWell staff have downvoted/hidden this post because because I am not liked ***

Called Audi for a few thousand dollars worth of suspension components on an S4.

Hi I need a quote for some parts on an Audi S4.

Parts guy: Yeah I could, but I’m not going to. It’s lunch time and I’m the only one here, so....

You’re not going to give me a quote?

Parts guy: No.



[]Tom Armstrong

Yeah that sounds like the self-important parts losers at the dealership(I work there). They are so damn proud of how far they’ve come in the parts industry and they know the brand better than anyone....bullshit.

Our parts guys are pretty good, but dude chill out and get off the pedestal. At the independent shop we made a quote, called about parts, did the work, and invoiced. Laziness and narcissism is rampant in this country

[]Tobias Linder

Wow. That's douchy in the extreme.

[]Sebastian Nounou

I was livid. Try and fucking do business with these clowns for their overpriced garbage and they don’t give one single shit.

[]Yves Vds

I have been driving Hondas and Lexus' for the past 10 years, so I know a thing or two about overpriced OEM parts. Usually, they do last longer than equivalent aftermarket parts, but the price isn't always justified. I believe a pair of OEM lower ball joints cost nearly 250 USD for my car and they will still fail after 60,000 miles...

[]Sebastian Nounou

Hahahahahahaha. Nailed it.

Tobias Linder28 days ago

This wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. #diy #builtnotbought

Tobias Linder31 days ago

Yes. That's electrical cables pinched between the intake manifold and the head. I am the best. #rant #diy


[]Randy Gross

At least you caught it before start-up!

[]Tobias Linder

Yeah, and lucky I did too. That would've been one hell of a boost leak. Caught it just as I was installing new o-rings into the injectors. Couldn't believe my eyes. It must've fallen down there while I was struggling to fit the intake manifold in place. It's not a lot of room there.

[]Randy Gross

I understand, wrestling the intake into line with the bolt holes while trying to thread that one damn bolt that won't start and hoping the gasket wont shift, while you have what feels like a half inch of space to maneuver everything!

[]Robert Sixto

Lol, happens to the best of us man, like Randy said, at least you caught it!

[]Ernie Szots


Tobias Linder37 days ago

Brakes and clutch properly bled thanks to some help from my awesome fiancée. Still struggling with where and how to fasten the IACV. Getting the vacuum routing in order bit by bit. I won't make it in time for this year's exhibition unfortunately. But the car will drive before the summer is out.

Tobias Linder44 days ago

Sorry for the silence. I've been out of town for a week and mostly worked in the Volvo. Had the EGR out to try and clean it up. Seems to not help at all. I'm guessing the actuator is semi stuck, leading to engine starvation in some of situations. My other theory is that the MAF is completely shot.

Tobias Linder51 days ago

Slowly making progress, as always. The TVS900 is now mounted and in place. Currently in the process of putting on all the accessories such as throttle body, throttle cable, IAC, EGR, etc. It's finally in there. EGR valve assembly. #DIY #BuiltNotBought

Tobias Linder57 days ago

Tobias Linder57 days ago

Holy shit. I just broke 1000+ Mod Score on Bumblebee! And I'm not even done with the build yet. XD

Tobias Linder57 days ago

Well, here we go. Radiator and all related hoses installed. Also took the time to clean up and paint the thermostat housing and also installed the Garage Star thermostat sandwich plate. #DIY #BuiltNotBought

Tobias Linder59 days ago

Raaaa! You have no idea how long it has taken to get back to this point. Well, transmission, differential, drive shaft, power plant frame and exhaust is now back in the car. Holy crap. So much work! Undercarriage completed! Exhaust installed Shiny! #BuiltNotBought #DIY #Project_Car

[]Hayden Baker

I love milestone!

Tobias Linder73 days ago

Thanks to some help from Kristoffer Cederholm here on Wheelwell and his magnificent engine lift, the new engine mounts are now installed and in place. That means next step is reinstalling the transmission. I'll see you in a year or two, because I'll procrastinate the fuck out of this... I just don't wanna !_!

Tobias Linder75 days ago

Took time today to replace all four brake calipers. They're mounted and prepared for bleeding. I need to send the old calipers back ASAP to get my money, so...yeah.

Tobias Linder79 days ago

Test fitted the new supercharger intake manifold, and have finished putting everything back on the block itself. It's slowly becoming a car again. #diy #builtnotbought

Tobias Linder81 days ago

Had to redo my timing belt install as I realised I wasn't 100% sure I had managed to time the cams correctly to their cam gears. Turns out I had. So all that extra job for nothing. At least I won't have to take it apart again. (hah) After that I spent some time cleaning up engine bay parts and bolts so that they don't look like shit compared to all the new and shiny stuff. #diy #builtnotbought

Tobias Linder82 days ago

Well, got the timing belt installed and the timing set on the engine, so all that's left now is really reassemble (and clean) the block and all it's accessories. Feels so damn good being able to put shit back together for once! #diy #builtnotbought

Tobias Linder83 days ago

Well, the last part of the build has been ordered! A full stainless exhaust to complete my transfer pipe/muffler combo. Once that arrives, all the parts for the first part of the build are here. I also got the differential back from the shop today, so I'll probably be starting the re-assembly now. I've also gotten the crankshaft plate that I ordered, so I can start reassembly on the front of the block too. I'm actually starting to see the

Tobias Linder90 days ago

Well, since I have the entire front of the engine off and am replacing all the seals, pulleys and belts; I wonder if I should replace my crankshaft pulley. I'll replace the crankshaft pulley plate because it became crooked when I pulled the pulley off of the crankshaft nose, so I was thinking that maybe I should replace the actual pulley too. It's a big investment so here's my question: When and under what circumstances *should* you replace the crankshaft

[]Sebastian Nounou

When you see the rubber cracking 👍🏿

Tobias Linder93 days ago

My new front calipers arrived today, so they'll be replaced soon. Also I got the front crankshaft seal and the transmission output shaft seal. So I've got some more work to do.

Tobias Linder97 days ago

Just picked my valve cover up from powder coating. Looks awesome. Just need to fill out the letters with yellow paint and it's ready to go on. Aweyesh!

Tobias Linder103 days ago

Well, new water pump installed. Now to replace the cam seals and assorted o-rings. Then to the figure out how the balls to crack that crankshaft bolt loose. #miata #diy #builtnotbought

Tobias Linder109 days ago

Well, it's still slowly moving ahead. Got the new wheel hubs installed, but I'm getting concerned that I should get new calipers front. The old ones are looking mighty rusty... The piston is all rugged, which isn't amazing. Timing belt job is also coming ahead. Got the valve cover, most of the front covers and all the pulleys off, aside from the crank pulley. Since I don't have the transmission or rear end in the car, I can't put a

Tobias Linder125 days ago

Disclaimer: I'm not pissing on turbo builds. I'm just tired of this ridiculus urban legend that you can "remove turbo lag". Turbo lag isn't bad. It's a matter of taste. But please stop spreading this urban legend. "But the Turbo modded guys always say they have next to no lag anyway. Except I always notice it when I drive their cars??!!" Read this on a forum, and I can only agree. "I have no lag" is just dreams and crystal


[]Maximilian Rockatansky

Some cars have much worse lag than others. There’s no need to rip on turbos because you’re N/A or vice versa. Totally apples to oranges. Sorry we don’t all have the more-accurate-than-a-dyno ass like Nikki Lauda or apparently yours 🤷🏻‍♀️

[]Tobias Linder

I see you missed the point of my post and also my disclaimer. I'm not pissing on turbo or builds or turbo lag. I'm pissing on bragging idiots who claim they've "eliminated" turbo lag.

[]David Saadeh

I own two turbo cars and two N/A cars. One of my N/A cars is high revving and has a snappy throttle response. One of my FI cars is a twin turbo and there is noticeable turbo lag. Even though the turbos are small and spool very quickly, there is still lag. I think turbo guys just say there isn't any lag because turbo lag isn't cool, obviously. I don't think turbo lag makes a car bad. It's just part of the car's personality.

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[]Timothy Markworth

I'm sure you can get rid of turbo lag. Just put a tiny turbo that barely generates 6 PSI on an engine that will spool it at 1000rpm. Boom. No lag! (or performance gain)

[]Craig Crall

My last Mustang project was a compound boosted car, with an Eaton M-62 and a T-3/T4. It had no perceptible lag. At all.

Having said that, I agree that most turbocharged cars, especially aftermarket builds, seem to have a lot of lag.

In my opinion, most people who turbocharge their cars, seem to choose rather large turbochargers for their application that make max power at the expense of boost response. During tuning, it gets a little fuzzy for some as they want max boost pressure over max spark advance, because peak HP is what their shooting for.

Not knocking that, to each their own. I prefer to run less boost and a lot more spark advance in my own cars, since I'm not a big fan of lag either.

Tobias, have you driven a car equipped with a Borg Warner EFR turbo? It really is quite different from anything else on the market.

[]Tobias Linder

I have not actually. I've mostly driven either daily drivers that are auto and turbodiesels, naturally very sluggish or big power builds that naturally have big turbos with a lot of lag.

I've driven a few reasonable builds meant more for street use and they're a lot better but still have noticeable lag (and a very perceptible kick from the boost hitting).

To each their own, but while boost can be exhilarating, I take snappy throttle response and a smoother power curve any day over a big boost build.

Also the lack of lag in your compound build was likely because of the supercharger taking up a lot of the slack from the turbo lag. Also big engines spin turbos faster. ;)

[]Craig Crall

Yes, you are correct about the supercharger, basically my reason for doing a compound set-up in the first place.

I might resurrect that project in the future, but for now, I'm working on a quick boost response turbo system, relying on a more aggressive timing curve, higher compression and less boost.

The turbo I'm using is a K04 which is on the small side for my engine, The impellers on both sides of the K04 are quite small and their low mass makes them ideal for my application.

I've had the K04 on and off my car a few times now, to make multiple changes to the exhaust system and the oil drain line. My short drive with the K04 in place, had me in the boost immediately. I'm not going to make a ton of HP with this turbo, but I'll make more HP & torque than I would with thousands of $$ worth of N/A mods to the same engine and I think that's why turbo systems have become so popular.

[]Jessica Pomerleau

I can confirm : there is such thing as turbo lag. My wrx has over 200k km and the turbo definitely lags 😂

[]Hayden Baker

Drives me nuts every time someone asks me if my car has a turbo. No, it doesnt; I like smooth, predictable power

[]Sebastian Nounou

It’s gotten to the point where drive by wire throttle and automatic transmissions are laggier than the turbos they support.

Not relevant in 2018 I think.

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Tobias Linder136 days ago

When removing and replacing the Miatas IAC valve, don't break the gasket. $50 For a measly gasket. Ouch.


[]Sebastian Nounou

It’s less than a dollar on RockAuto.

[]Tobias Linder

Well, I'm in Scandinavia, so that doesn't help me much. Over here, everything is *a lot* more expensive when it comes to car parts, unfortunately. I know a fair few american builders, and they get parts *so* much cheaper than I ever could.

[]Sebastian Nounou

I did not realize. That sucks!

[]Ernie Szots

Yikes. Just for funzzies, in your experience, what has been the most expensive item to replace for its size? Would this gasket be it?

[]Nicholas Subramaniam

Mine on my accord was $30 a bolt for the lcas haha. I needed two. The only place that I could get them from was Honda. So with tax and such it ran me about $70 😭

[]Ernie Szots


[]Nicholas Subramaniam

Yeah it definitely hurt lol

[]Tobias Linder

Hmm, as a size in relation to cost, yeah I think this gasket hits the mark. Though, to be fair, the supercharger gets relatively close. But it's not being replaced, it's being added.

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Pretty good tip 😂

Tobias Linder140 days ago

#newmod #advice #progress Time for the progress report! Cold-air intake box is now installed and completely in place. The old intake manifold has been removed, as have the fuel rail. Currently prepping for installation of the new fuel rail and prepping the supercharger for install. It needs a bit of disassembly/reassembly before going in. The new intake manifold needs to be removed from the supercharger and installed separately. The throttle body needs to be removed, then the supercharger

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