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Tobias Linder

Jönköping, Sweden

Born 81, never interested in cars until I bought a Miata in december 2015. Now trying to balance street and performance while looking slick.
Tobias Linder1 day ago

Spent a good deal of time building frames to fit proper speakers... MORE

Tobias Linder4 days ago

So yeah, this has been an exciting time. Since replacing the mid... MORE

Tobias Linder4 days ago

I'm no longer getting any notifications, which means I have to... MORE

Tobias Linder9 days ago

Well, got my hands on a wideband finally. That means that once... MORE

Tobias Linder11 days ago

Post by Tobias Linder...

Tobias Linder18 days ago

Yep. As of today, Vicks is no longer in my garage so I have deleted... MORE

Tobias Linder20 days ago

You have NO idea how happy I am to be done with this crap. Vicks'... MORE

Tobias Linder24 days ago

FINALLY got my hands on an engine hoist. Hopefully, that means... MORE

Tobias Linder45 days ago

Spent 4,5 hours today on a friends Opel Astra -00. Her wheel bearing... MORE

Tobias Linder46 days ago

So I replaced the backlighting of my new Revlimiter gauges from... MORE

Tobias Linder47 days ago

I don't know why this feels like such a victory, but it really... MORE

Tobias Linder52 days ago

Well, before I start complaining about "ARGH CHANGE!"... MORE

Tobias Linder53 days ago

Well, made A LOT of progress on Vicks today. Got the diff loose... MORE

Tobias Linder54 days ago

Got some great progress on Vicks this weekend. I've cut basically... MORE

Tobias Linder64 days ago

Project Bumblebee is now the #2 Miata on Wheelwell! Thanks all... MORE

Tobias Linder64 days ago

Got myself some bling as well, when I purchased the new lightweight... MORE

Tobias Linder64 days ago

Holy shit I love this thing! It has single-handedly saved my life.... MORE

Tobias Linder65 days ago

Package from MX5Parts showed up today! New lightweight midpipe,... MORE

Tobias Linder67 days ago

Project Bumblebee: Rambling while removing a style bar

Tobias Linder68 days ago

Finally got my hands on a proper sawzall. Since nothing else have And then it's modifying time for Project Bumblebee!... MORE

Tobias Linder72 days ago

Took him out of winter storage for a the premiere ride! I also took the time to adjust and set the needles after the gauge install.... MORE

Tobias Linder85 days ago

Daily workhorse milestone! 555 555 km driven!

Tobias Linder85 days ago

So, how many of you want to see my TVS 900? I know y'all turbo... MORE

Tobias Linder85 days ago

Well, turns out that 45 minutes spent updating my parts, adding Woot!... MORE

Tobias Linder85 days ago

About 40 more mod score and I'll make it into the top 100...that's Expect awesomeness this summer, aight?!... MORE

Tobias Linder86 days ago

The installed gauges! There are more pictures in my garage of the... MORE