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        I'm the third owner of this 2006 C55 AMG. I've been a certified car nut since I can remember. I've owned over 32 cars. I enjoy autocross, track days, and, most recently, Champcar racing (go Team 983 Farfromguten!). Just prior to this one, I briefly had a 997 Porsche Carrera S. However, I'm a family guy and that car sat around and taunted me from the garage. It was too much money to just be sitting there waiting for the odd weekend drive. So I sold it with the intention of getting something that could do trackwork, haul the kiddos, take me to work, and sit comfortably in infamous Bay Area traffic. I picked up the car in August of 2016 and have just been enjoying it and bringing it back to like-new condition. I replace the worn windshield with a new Mercedes unit. I've replace various interior bits like door handles and the cup holder. I repaired the cracked front bumper cover and replaced the fogged over driving lights. I had custom made Cocomats done in chequered black and silver. These cars are remarkably reliable. It has a normally aspirated engine, conventional coils and shocks (not airbags), and that super strong 5 speed automatic that has also been mated to V12s, so it's understressed in this application. That's not say to say I don't want to mod it. Here's my wish list: - Quaiffe torsen limited slip differential - KW variant 2 coilovers - Eurocharged engine and transmission tune - Eurocharged shorty headers - true dual exhaust conversion coupled with Mercedes CLK63 Black Series sway bars (to make use of the double hump rear bar that will allow dual pipes past either side of the differential) Even with its stock 362hp it hauls the mail. It was impressive at Thunderhill on the "big" course. It has that legenday Mercedes heft and solidity, but only weighs 3,540lbs - so it's much more suited to track work than my other sedan desire, the E55/E63 cars.

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        []Ben Sampson

        Very nice setup!!!

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