220 HP
240 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2680 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG

I wanted a purpose built SCCA Solo vintage car to learn to drive better and understand EFI, forced injection, performance handling and such. It had to be under a budget and something that would force me to research and learn on my own and from others. I initially looked at a 964 but later learned it was out of my budget after replacing a couple oil lines and seals to resolve some massive leaks. I ended up picking up an early 944 that came stock with forged internals that was not well kept. I spent a year cutting out the rust, gutting all sound and heat insulation...tossing all things with weight while keeping it street legal. Estimates are, it may've been about 350-375lbs lost while the SC set-up added about 100lbs back. Every bushing was replaced with either delrin, poly or poly graphite along with the swap to 951 or 944 Turbo OEM sways. VW dune buggy torsion bars helped me match the stiffer springs in the front without breaking the budget on coilovers. Self-aligned with string, measuring tapes and lasers. Stiffened the frame with steel c-channels after gutting the front sub frame for the intercooler and piping. I decided that in order to properly and safely run the Eaton SC, I needed the full control of a stand-alone. Ended up having a guy from Estonia build a VEMs solution that I could learn on. The car was run with just the VEMs to generally get familiar and prep it for boost. The custom SC build was all done with steel and a mig welder. Generic idler pulleys and a small block ford crank pulley to bring up the ratio and allow for 6 ribs. Currently running a ECUMaster Classic EMU on pump gas at 9 psi with 440cc Bosch Green Giants and a 3bar FPR.

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Just a base model NA for SCCA solo. Modern standalone with a GenV M62 Eaton Supercharger home buil

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