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Tom Armstrong
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Im just a guy trying to do all the racing things and help others enjoy the sport as well!

Tom Armstrong3 days ago

Check it out guys, got the new synchros in and all ready for final assembly.

Tom Armstrong4 days ago

Ok guys, Part 1 is live! making progress


[]Apple Jack

Well done... but you really should clean that work bench... LOL.

[]Tom Armstrong

HA! thats the truth, I gotta put my spare fluids on a shelf I guess

Tom Armstrong10 days ago

we have turned a corner and are moving on from our build 5 speed. Stay tuned for the Celica GTS 6 speed swap project!


[]Apple Jack

Interesting write up... I would be interesting to see the data when you run Willow again.

[]Tom Armstrong

Thats a valid point, testing spec sheets against lap times is the best way to prove the research was worth the time

[]Ernie Szots

Killer write-up/blog post. Looking forward to going along for this ride!

[]Tom Armstrong

Thanks guys! Should have Part 1 of the project edited tonight.

[]Tabitha Blagdon

Awesome. Keep us posted!!

Tom Armstrong30 days ago

Post by Tom Armstrong...


[]Ernie Szots

Fun one.

[]Tom Armstrong

definitely, tracking is always a blast

Tom Armstrong48 days ago

Post by Tom Armstrong...

Tom Armstrong63 days ago

Tom Armstrong65 days ago

Post by Tom Armstrong...

Tom Armstrong69 days ago

Post by Tom Armstrong...

Tom Armstrong102 days ago

check out this weekends autox where we setup the car to be super tail happy, and we were faster!


[]Ernie Szots

What is the max speed you hit at courses like that?

[]Tom Armstrong

I believe its about 70mph

Tom Armstrong110 days ago

If anyone is interested in trying R-compound tires, read this-

Tom Armstrong117 days ago

Check out out install video for the very first set of BC DR series coilovers for the Toyota Yaris

Tom Armstrong125 days ago

check out our first attempt at coilover testing last weekend.

Tom Armstrong145 days ago

Check out or video of S3 in San Diego, got my helmet signed by Bucky Lasek!

Tom Armstrong146 days ago

check out our blog post to see how much weight we've pulled out of the car.

Tom Armstrong146 days ago

check our our latest time-lapse video of something we rarely need to repair!

Tom Armstrong150 days ago

Tom Armstrong157 days ago

We finally received out coilers, take a look!

Tom Armstrong187 days ago

Finally did some dyno pulls to see the gains from my original 1.5L(86/94) to the 2zr swap!

Tom Armstrong190 days ago

I'm finally going to have the 2zrvios dynode this saturday in Santee. The 2zr is rated at 136hp/ Im praying Im close to those numbers with the long-tube header and 4.3 final drive. What do you guys think?

[]Ernie Szots

Dude, can't wait to see what you pull.

Tom Armstrong201 days ago

check out our Toyotafest VLOG-

Tom Armstrong215 days ago

Check out the crazy FWD drift action here hahaha

Tom Armstrong222 days ago

Ok friends, I made this short video on how to get started with autocross. Come try it out!

Tom Armstrong244 days ago

Check it out! A full comparison video...

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