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homepage tile photo for Tie-rods, bottom balljoints, coilovers, and brakes. Oh my.
Tie-rods, bottom balljoints, coilovers, and brakes. Oh my.

Just bought a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000gt (non-turbo) so that I could get into the sports car world and

[]Tom Armstrong

Sorry to hear about your tool issue, sometimes those generic tools can do a lot of damage.

Its possible you dampers are set too hard. Try turning the knobs all the way down (lefty loosey the number of clicks they are rated for) and drive it again.

Its also possible you have super hard springs. Look for a number on the springs like (8K or 500lbs).

For the coilover check, you will need to remove them again. Remove the spring and then compress the damper piston all the way into the base. Release it and time how long it takes to return to the top, make sure all 4 are about the same when at the same setting.

[]Tom Humburg

Oh yeah, and I am tracking down some AWD front knuckles to swap in because there is an ABS rotor pressed on with the wheel bearing that is in the way of backing out the lug studs. -- One week with the internet and I am using words like I know what I am talking about. =P

[]Tom Armstrong

Research and education are good things

[]Tom Humburg

Checked the shocks this morning. They are KSports, and from what I am reading on the internet, I likely do not want to stick with those shocks. I also do not know how old they are. I am replacing the LBJs, full tie rods and lug stud this weekend. Next on the list will be to swap out the coilovers. Now to read up on coilovers and figure out which ones to order.

[]Tom Armstrong

Ok, I have BC and they have been great!

[]Tom Humburg

That was actually the first company I was researching. So far I am impressed with the customer service (pre-sales), and the shocks look good.

[]Tom Armstrong

Yeah they are awesome. I can feel changes all the way down to 2 clicks and you can buy any part possible to upgrade them, even internals!

[]Robert Sixto

Yeah, cheap speciality tools like that, in my experience, are 90% of the time junk and don't get the job done or make things worse.

As for your ride issues, did you drive it before coilovers? Just wondering if you have a comparison of before and after. Also, what coilovers do you have on it now? As Tom mentioned, it could be an adjustment thing. It could also be the brand and type as well, some are sold with really high spring rates (super stiff). I'm my experience as well, some of the less expensive, entry level kits, many times struggle with getting the damping correct, which can make the car feel overly harsh or bouncy/jittery.

[]Tom Humburg

Car is new to me. After the 30 mile drive home from buying it, I found out the next morning of the stripped lugs. I knew of the one sheared stud when I bought the car. I checked the coilovers. They are KSports. From what I have read on the internet, it looks like I will be replacing the coilovers once I am done replacing the lug studs. Replacing the lug studs is delayed because there is an ABS rotor pressed on with the wheel bearing that is in the way of backing out the lug studs. I am on the look out for the front knuckles from an AWD 3000gt. They have the bigger calipers and rotors and the ABS system is not in the way. So I will start researching coilovers and figure out what to buy.