353 HP
317 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3285 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
14/18 MPG

I always wanted an Evolution ever since it first landed in the US. Finally got one, I guess it was a destiny for me to own this because I bought it from South Coast Mitsubishi right when it was sold off by the previous owner to the Dealership. There wasn't even a picture posted on their web, only the information of this car. Ever since the car was well kept in the garage, frequently washed, scheduled maintenance, modded with the best parts there is. The car is being built under the philosophy of "Fun", hence the car is being used for daily commute but strong and enough performance for track or hard driving on the canyons without sacrificing so called"comfort". What I mean in "comfort" is everything should be easy on the eyes when you look at it and the feeling when you drive it. I want to create a car that connects the driver to road and gives the driver a sense of confidence and happiness, which describe the word "Fun". What makes the Evo the Evo; is the shape of the car, that is what distinct itself from the rest of the cars on the road, it was designed to be a world class car. Changing the way it looks could cause it to loose the value and originality of the car and last but not least is the CHARACTERISTIC of the car. So in a sense the Project is like a work of art, it should have the form and functionality while retain its originality, which many drivers tend to sway to one or the other extreme. People either build a car for looks to go to shows or the car to out performs other cars/time on the street or track. My goal is to find the balance, not too fast nor too slow. #road&track, #form&function

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[]Michael Anderson

My dream car has always been an Evo and this right here is now my dream build. Love your story, philosophy, and love the car!

[]Tom Ng

thanks man, i hope you get the car soon and begin the great journey.

[]Tom Ng

thank you Ryan, I wish the car community nowadays go this direction, to the old ways of tuning cars but at the same time every body have different taste. money could stray us from doing what is right.

[]Ryan Winters

I really like your philosophy towards the car, of genuinely improving the car while keeping it's particular character, and not "ruining" it's looks.

[]Gus Novoa

I feel the same way about my Evo. I abosutely love my car and when I'm driving my commuter and see one on the street i get the chills :)

[]Tom Ng

Haha yeah same.

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