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Boost Lover checking in from PA

Finally updating my WW profile! Haven't really used this before, what is up everybody!

[]Tabitha Blagdon

Hi Tom! Welcome to the Well.

[]Tom Stetson

Thanks for the welcome! Excited to use this as a journal while I break my car trying to make more power!

[]Curt Loesch

What's up. Welcome from Central PA.

[]Tom Stetson

Used to go to school in central PA, really miss those roads. Thanks for the welcome!

[]Yves Vds


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[]Justin Cavallucci

Hello from Philadelphia!

[]Tom Stetson

Hello from outside Philly!

[]Justin Cavallucci

ha! im actually a couple minutes outside northeast. :)

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Finally reached #FBO status with my intercooler installed! Now on to bigger and better.... Wheels..