285 HP
260 LB-FT
four wheel drive
Engine Size
3.6 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
Not available Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
Not available MPG
Axle ratio

I have wanted a Jeep pickup since the 2005 Gladiator concept. Based on the leaks about the 2020 gladiator pickup, I knew that jeep wasn't going to build a truck like I wanted, so I purchased a wrecked JK in December of '17 and started hacking it into the pickup I wanted Found the jeep on copart, it was exactly what I wanted except for the color. Called gr8tops and they modified a 4 door recruit top to fit my needs. After the roof arrived, I was able to determine the final cab length. I knew I wanted a 78" bed, and it worked out for a 122" wheelbase and 46" of overhang (similar to my longbed MJ) I pulled the body off the frame, cut it in the middle and extended it 26", added a cross member relocated the body mounts, added 15" behind the axle and a cross member along with a late TJ has tank. Next up was extending the driveshaft, brake lines, working harness, fuel lines and evap emissions plumbing

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homepage tile photo for Pretty much complete
Pretty much complete

The build part of my wrangler truck is nearly over, it is running and driving very nicely and I'm w

[]Aram Moss

Much better than a Gladiator, great work thus far!

[]Jathan Brennan

That's pretty cool, looks like ya know what you are doing and it is very cleanly built. Nice!

[]Tommy Harrell

This is my first attempt at a project like this. I did a LM7 swap into my YJ a few years ago, mostly I work on farm equipment. Definitely learned a bunch

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