230 HP
Curb Weight
3040 LB
2001 2.5RS
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
2001 2.5RS 5spd
MPG (City/Highway)
18/22 MPG

I found this car on craigslist in 2009 while looking for something to put together on my free time. It came with a front mount intercooled turbo kit already installed on a naturally aspirated 2.2l or Ej22e. The owner had broken the ringlands on a piston and the car smoked like crazy. There was a bad 5spd transmission that was humming in every gear. The shocks were blown out completely and they had also cut a set of Eibach lowering springs to bring it down even more. Needless to say, it ran and I had a friend drive it from WA to OR after the purchase. After rebuilding the Ej22e with JE Pistons, Eagle Rods, and ACL Bearings I got a bit of the boost bug. I was safely running on 11psi with a Piggyback fuel controller but wanted to have more boost. I was afraid of cracking the Ej22e cylinder walls so I began researching about other shortblocks. I ended up getting very lucky at a local Pick n Pull yard and found a 1992 Legacy SS Sedan with an Ej22T and only 71,000 original miles that was just brought into the yard. I bought the entire longblock without the up pipe or turbo for $250. Shortly after that I rebuilt the Ej22T with ACL Race Bearings, Eagle Rods, and a 97.5mm WiseCo Piston set for around 500-550hp with the right supporting mods. The Ej22T was then swapped in place of the Ej22E. I soon had a custom up pipe, downpipe and charge pipe fabricated for a cleaner look and more room for upgraded turbos. After that I replaced the blown suspension with a set of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers with 6k springs in front and 7k springs in rear.  After a couple of NA legacy 5spd transmissions I purchased a 2001 2.5 RS 5spd with 4.11 gears instead of 3.90 about 1 year ago and have been enjoying its capabilities. Most recently I upgraded the brake system to a 2005 Legacy GT Turbo 12.5" front and 11.5" rear brake kit and stainless steel brake lines. The car still uses it's factory 1995 Ej22E ECU with a Apexi NEO piggyback to run the 1992 Ej22T longblock with a Wrx TD04 turbo on 11.5-12psi. With a set of Nitto Neo Gen 215/45/17 tires this Outback really is a thrill to drive. I am currently saving to purchase a Haltech PS 1000 ECM to replace the Neo. Afterwards I plan to port and polish the Ej22T heads at home and upgrade the turbo to start pushing for more boost. The build is around 30,000 daily driven miles now and still running strong. The chassis is now over 220,000 miles.

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