334.1 HP
343.7 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3120 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
165 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
12.3 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.4 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
23/29 MPG

This is my third VW, and my second GTI.  The first GTI I owned was a 2009 White 2-door that survived two months before a high 17 year old ran a red light in her moms Chrysler Town and Country and T-boned me, totaling the car.  This one I picked up new in Hawaii because my FRS was ill suited to Oahu traffic, roads, and asinine vehicle laws.  The goal originally was to keep this GTI stock, mostly because of the aforementioned vehicle laws.  That didn't last long.  Within the first 1000 miles I got a GIAC stage 1 tune. Then about 3 months later I got a 42DD down-pipe and went stage 2.  A couple more months later an APR K04 fell into my lap because the owner had gone big turbo and didn't need the K04 anymore, so I picked it up for a steal, got it installed, fought with the tunes and finally got it running well.  Everything, except the wrap, has been done to maximize the K04's potential.  I fell in love with the green vinyl and had to have it, so I had Xerographics Hawaii do my wrap while TJRC did most of the parts installs.  James at TJRC has been a great help in the tuning process, sourcing parts for me (and many of the local Euro drivers here in Colorado.  Over time, I've realized that, at my elevation, I'm pretty much at the limits of the K04 in terms of power and response.  The DSG keeps me slower (sorta) than the few other K04 GTI/GLIs around me, so my only options now are Manual swap (hell no) or bigger turbo.  I had a crazy idea to put a GT2867R Compressor onto my "OEM" K04 turbine since all the annoying custom work tends to be on the hot side of these turbos.  If i went true GT28, I'd have to have a manifold made, a diverter vale relocation fabbed up, wastegates and then custom downpipe. By doing a GT28 compressor on the K04 turbine, I only have to modify a diverter valve relocation kit, and add a vacuum nipple onto the compressor for the return line from the factory N75 Valve.  Once that's done, it's just a matter of getting couplers to fit and tweak the tuning. Obviously, this all requires the compressor and turbine to be able to work together and the turbine shaft will be the biggest issue there.  Luckily, my resident VW genius James at TJRC has a contact at a local machine shop that is looking into making this happen.  He did the same with a Porsche K24 and a GT3071, so how hard can it be. Famous last words.  Next up for Kermit is the K04 Hybrid with a GT2867R Compressor mounted on the K04 Turbine, new wheels and tires next summer, and start knocking out the suspension and brake upgrades to go with the increased power from the K04 Hybrid. I'm a huge whiteline fan, so I'll be getting a set of sways from them, then I'll be sourcing an R32/Golf R brake kit to help haul this pig down.  It'll get finished off with some custom designed aero pieces to keep grounded and eventually a rollcage so I don't...die. Slow project, because I'm not a trust fund baby, but its a labor of love.

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[]Mitchell Apex hunter

That's an awesome car. I really like how you've done with the blending of after market and OEM. I kind of dig the green vinyl wrap too. I look forward to seeing your future mods. I'm sure you've heard of HPA Motorsports. They can help you tune your DSG to be able to accept more power.

[]Rene Garcia / VipdOut_CA

Nice work !

[]Brian Williams

I would never be proud to dive a car I didn't build

[]Tracey Peterson

Point of correction: BC Racing Coilovers are on, the next step will be a K04 Hybrid with a GT2867R compressor to take power to the limits of the DSG hardware; then supporting mods for that once the turbo is on (brakes, LSD, some aero).

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