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Need multiple opinions. I have the chance to buy a 99 Camaro with an LS2 and cams for $5000. Want i

[]Robert Sixto

Seeing how complete LS2 swaps are often easily that much alone, I'd say it's a pretty good deal assuming everything is on the up and up.

[]Maggie Johnson

In your opinion if you like the potential the car has and the body style I would. I think that’s a great value for the year of the car and engine alone, I’m not sure how far gone the car is or what extent you have to go to fix it up but with limited information, from what you posted I think it would be a great buy.

[]Hayden Baker

There's a lot of other variables other than the LS. Was the LS2 swap done properly? Is there rust? Do you like the body style? Was it an SS? Was it a Z28? There's a ton of aftermarket support and the LS is a great power plant especially with a T56 mounted up already. It sounds like a good idea, but I can't fully endorse it without seeing the car

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Would a windshield banner look good on my 2018 Malibu?

[]Hayden Baker

It really depends on what it will look like and what you expect it to look like. Really it only matters if you like it. Personally I wouldn't do it but it's not my car. Make sure it's legal where you're at. Can't be too tall or you'll get a ticket

[]Ernie Szots

I think it's personal preference. I don't think they look bad, but I'm not a fan of them. I have friends that have banners on the front and back.

[]Travis Himel

I'm trying to find a solution other than tint for my windshield to block the sun and I thought a banner would look cool. Do you think tint at the top of my windshield would look better?

[]Ernie Szots

I personally agree with you that a banner would look better than the tint strip. The tint strip line just never sat well with me. If I had to choose between the two, I'd go with a banner. If a shop can do a tint where fades to clear, I'd prefer that but again, like with all car things it's personal preference. You have to go with what will make you most happy.