100? HP
Curb Weight
??? LB
Engine Size
2.1 L
Transmission Type
Manual 4 Speed VW 091
Top Speed
Around 80 MPH

This was my second car after my Toyota T100. Bought in 2007 while I was in high school, it was under a tree in someone's yard and I paid $200 for it! It then slowly evolved into what you see here today. First setup was a modified VW Thing front end with torsion bars and Fox Shocks all around. After breaking that setup almost every weekend we moved to a pre-fab weld on small King coilover setup. After a few months that broke too, which can be seen in the pictures. Fed up with fixing it the decision was made to do a full build with the cage extending all the way into the front suspension, and much larger King Shocks. It has held up ever since. Next up is a faster engine!

Discuss this build

[]Anthony Cuozzo

sweet build! Can you post more photos of the cage inside the car, where the rear suspension attaches?

also, what do you do about the rear torsion bars when going long travel?

[]Travis Osborne

Haha yup, problem right now is too many dang projects. I have 3 cars + this and my dad has 4 cars + this one. That's a good problem to have though!

[]Andrew Johnson

Love this, looks like a blast in the sand!

[]Andrew Johnson

MORE power? That's an easy fix ;-)

[]Travis Osborne

It's great in the dirt, need a bit more power for the sand though...

[]Jim Fallon

This Baja looks like a beast. Looks like great build quality.

[]Travis Osborne

Thanks! We broke the front suspension a few times and upgraded with stronger parts each time.

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