177 whp
170-ish wtq
Curb Weight
2975 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type

I bought this car a handful of years ago when my truck was fading away. Spotted this in a used car lot and fell in love instantly. The car has all the bolt-ons needed for a turbo. Id have to say that that's my long term goal for this. I just need to find/build a kit and find the money to do so 😂 my goal is to get as close to 300whp as I can. Short term goals are to change the upper parts of the interior (a,b,c pillars, headliner, sun visors, grab handles and map/dome light assembly) to black to match the seats and carpet. I just think all black looks best as an interior color. Not all mixed and matched. Would love to install a touchscreen radio as well, along with some other odds and ends. This app has definitely reignited the flame for me to start doing things to my car again. Stay tuned for more updates coming sooner rather than later and thanks for looking 🤘🏼

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