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Getting Started with Track Days

I am not exactly a pro driver. I would not really even consider myself to be an experienced driver

[]Joost Van Dien

I had driving a lot on the public roads, fast and getting known with my cars. It's illegal i know but i was you young and didn't have money for anything else.

Simulators worked to get to know corners and get a general feeling.

I went in blind on track. Knew my car and bought a ticket to track the car on a very relaxt and not too busy track organizer. It worked for me following people's lines. Learn to watch around you and be focused on your mirrors. It worked fine for me. Good luck, keep it safe and on the road ;)!

[]Jeff Bowman

Even tho I didn’t go this route, i will always recommend autocross first. Or, do quite a few instructed track days before you venture out by yourself. For new people in the Subaru world, we do recommend upgrading the pads and rotors and making sure you at least have a decent set of tires. We say brakes because a small investment can make a big difference in the feel of the first track day.... which can really make or break the experience. Pun intended. The need for complex tires is definitely way over on the unnecessary side though.

[]Antoni Dabrowski

I think a lot of people really underrate simulator time. I've only spent a couple hundred hours on one but all of my experience with car control and racing lines has come from that and it translates surprisingly well to the real world. I've been able to hop out of the sim into an NA miata for the first time and have no problem controlling slides. I agree with your point about tires but honestly I wouldn't even bring an RT to the track.

[]Tom Armstrong

I'll always recommend to do some autocross first, to learn how to react when you start to loose traction. I see too many cars leave racetracks on a flatbed due to over-corrections.

[]Hayden Baker

Yeah the worst thing you can do is scare people away before they even get to experience the sport. Just let him come out and have a great time in his stock car. That's literally the point of the novice group at autocross events. Even a track day is fine for a stock car as long as it's in good shape. I hope that guy isn't turned off before his first event. I still don't need a full race pad and years in. Just a good solid performance pad (though they will be race pads when these pads are shot).

[]Robert Sixto

I think in the enthusiast community, there's alot of... enthusiasm. Many people are eager to share everything they learned, and maybe not considering someone may not need everything just yet. Then there's also the internet know it all, who is only interested in "hearing" themselves speak. For what it's worth, I think you're spot on. I'd even go further to mention, at least locally there are driver schools that are essentially small group hpde events with a classroom and instructor aspect. I've done one with Midwest Council Sports Car club here, and it was fantastic.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I've always been curious about what was needed to just go out and try racing for the first time. This might be a discussion to have in another thread though. Like Robert said, it could just be enthusiasm on the responder's part. I'd be more inclined to believe it was someone trying to tell somebody that they can't have a good time because "their car isn't properly setup for racing" or something like that. Usually when it comes to advice threads if I don't really know the answer, I'll stay out of it and let someone who does know respond.

[]Sac Car Scene

If you make it out to the track day events, the SCCA events are very well organized and depending on what track you go to, they normally have beginner groups going out and conduct a class after each session. This gives the coaches a chance to explain things they saw on the track or answer questions.

[]Jeff Bowman

Autocross or do a couple of track days with an instructor.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

I can understand what the person was trying to tell the guy who wanted advice. I guess it depends on what the person takes from a question in regard to answering it with something very simple or just putting everything out there that they've learned along the way. Personally, I tell people to go to an open track day for beginners or autocross and see if this is 1. what you want to do, and 2. if your car is suited for it, and if they like it try to get involved with either or both the SCCA or NASA.

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From the beginning and the transformation from Street Car to Race Car

When I bought my 2006 Nissan 350Z I knew that I wanted to get it out to some track days. I had a ha