This is quite the interesting story on how I got this car. At the time I got it, (and am writing this) I’m a high school student, a Junior to be exact. One day in math class, I was musing out loud about how I can’t wait for summer, as the typical student does. My teacher asked me why. I told her that I was planning to buy an old Datsun 280ZX from a junkyard that a guy I know owns. Then, out of the blue, she says that she has a car that I could have. You can imagine my shock, and I thought she was joking at first. When she explained that it was her late husband’s car and she wanted to see it run again, I realized she was in earnest. So, a few weeks later in the middle of the first of two thaws that winter, I went and got the car with my father. Now, here I am, however far along on the build I am when I check this again. Now I’ve got a project car.

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