130 HP
Curb Weight
2300 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Manual 5spd
MPG (City/Highway)

I was driving around town with my buddy who had a 280z and i took a wrong turn and when I came around the corner i see the ugly primer gray car sitting on sender blocks. To be honest i didn't know what is was at first, I thought to my self I think thats a 510. MY buddy and I pull over to look at it, and the guys son comes out and says did you see the add on craigslist. no I replied, let me go inside and get my dad he said. when he came back he was followed by a guy who looked pail as a vampire. he talks about the car and says hes also got a lot of parts for it so my buddy gave him his phone number because he needed a turn signal switch. About three weeks later my friend gets a call from the datsun guy ,he said nobody wanted the car and asked us if we wanted the car. we told him we had to had to give him something. so we slowly paid him off and picked up parts. I had to think of a place to put the car, I hid it at one of my dads rental houses in a old crooked garage. being a broke highschool student I didnt have much time or money but when I did it normally went towards the datsun. about a year later I decided to take it home and it has been a love hate relationship ever sense.

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