145 HP
147 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3197 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
30 MPG

My first car was a '92 Accord EX which was fully loaded, but due to unforeseen medical problems I had to let it go for something easier to get in and out of. Thanks to expensive medication those problems where reversed, or significantly reduced and I went on the hunt for a 5th gen Accord Wagon. The wagon would meet my need for grocery getting capacity while filling the accord sized hole in my life. I started my hunt in 2013, but to my surprise 5th gen wagons are quite scarce and more so Ex which was only magnified by my wanting one that was completely stock. After 4 cars, and almost 5 years I had been browsing Craigslist and I finally just said "F**K it!" As I got up from my PC I must have hit the F5 key as I accidentally knocked my keyboard off my desk... Boom there it was posted "1 min ago" 1996 Honda Accord Ex with 2 owners and 147k on the odom for 1300$. I pounced on it like a fat kid on a twinky. The next day I went out to see the car, I was told the first owner was an elderly man who owned it up until 2012 it was barely driven and garage kept and that they had it for the last 5 years as their family car. The paint was completely shot from the northern cali weather, the driver side door had gotten smashed when his wife opened the door in a parking lot when someone was pulling in, and many bolts and screws were missing from various spots on the car from his shoddy "DIY Mechanic" work. Those small things aside it was complete and stock (save for the screws/bolts) he even had the ALWAYS missing rear cargo cover. I talked him down to 1100$ and drove my Blank Canvas home. So far I've "fixed" the driver side door. I Upgraded the sound system to something newer it's nothing fancy, but better than the stock cassette player and worn out speakers. I swapped the grille for the 94/95 badgeless grille for a cleaner look to the front end. Got a sunroof visor off a '92 Integra (turns out the brackets off a '92 Accord work with it.) Replaced a faulty Break Master Cylinder. I've fixed the gutter rash on the rims (16x6 Enkei) I got off a 3.0 Premium Acura CL, and painted them a modified GK1 gold (2x the black) off a '05 WRX and they look fantastic. Installed an AP1 S2000 steering wheel. Installed a leather wrapped shift knob from a 3.0 Premium CL. I'm also planning to paint the car Laguna Blue Pearl off an AP2 S2000, I did a test spray on the grille and it looks really good. Update: Unfortunately the new owner rear ended someone... before they finished paying it off. I have every intention of fixing it like new again, But this does hurt to see it in that condition. Update 2: She lives again! It'll never be a show car but at least I can say I saved it from the scrap yard.

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