200 Hp

I bought this car in feb 2011 as a stock car with 180,000 miles it was automatic ex sedan I slowly started installing parts I had JDM blackhoused 1pc CB3/SM4 headlights with the chrome trims got euro clear bumper lenses that i d.i.y. painted black background to match headlights got a mugen bumperlip modified and retrofitted 3pc 94 accord rear lip got some DEPO euro red ad clear 5050btails that i retrofitted LED outline running lamps got an 80's Alpina Sports(BMW) trunk wing modified and retrofitted with a cheap ebay carbonfiber rooflipwing threw on some yonaka spec2 fully adjustable coilover dropstrut racing suspension. I began to race or time attack with other enthusiasts on our mountain touge known as tantalus we also did tandem drift slide battles. Ive gone thru 2 sohc nonvtec motors F22A6/F22B2 over the years have blown about 8 automatic trans till i finally converted to 5 speed. Later got the ever so hyped up JDM H22A DOHC VTEC engine and swapped it myself P13 OBD1 manual ecu then went for demobilized JDM P5P OBD2a ecu with rywire reverse conversion harness hasport mounts. All the 5 speed trans ive tried M2L5, P2A5, M2U4 ATTS the M2U4 2001 prelude sh ATTS trans is whats in now and ATTS isnt all that great and the gearing is very disappointingly short like 5th gear is cruising 5000rpm only 90mph its only good for fast launches but damn all the shifting and redlining . In 2020 a truck crashed into my car front end ruining the original JDM accord front i had and here in hawaii is very hard to find parts i couldnt piece together another accord front end but there was an parts car DA9 91 integra for just $100 and i remembered having a vision one day at the mall parkinglot there was a gold integra hatch parked in stall that were angled and it was next to mine so upon walking up from a distance i saw a integra front but my accord rear end at the time both cars were gold color so it blended well this was my opportunity to make it reality and why not since i cant get original parts and this has everything for damn good price everything bolted right up the only things i modified is for headlights and the bumper brackets it looked good unique and different. In honda game of modifications i remember there were so many custom frontend conversions but i have never seen anyone do what i just did and infact i recently discovered i inspired someone in newyork to try the same so there is only two of us CB7 Accord sedans with DA integra front conversions im in Hawaii the other in New York. I love my Accord its been the best to me and its the best body style of accords to be had, we been through so much over the years and its still goin I do everything myself all the mods builds tunes retrofits swaps etc. No one else touches my car. 260,xxx miles still cold a/c its become a very well known car here in Hawaii island of Oahu Honolulu city.. https://youtu.be/BWkfjP03Up0 https://youtu.be/j3YVb3DV9Jk https://youtu.be/YJo6L_Vz2j0 https://youtu.be/PMXYNDZyggI https://youtu.be/Mzf3Xh2YFMY

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