325 HP
450 LB-FT
Curb Weight
5300 LB
Selectable 4wd
Engine Size
7.2 L
Transmission Type
Top Speed
120 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
16 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
06/12 MPG
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        I bought this truck when I was 17. I was riding dirtbikes constantly at that time and ended up getting my '93 S10 2wd stuck at every track I went to. I told my dad I wanted a 4wd truck with a standard transmission. Long story short, I paid $3500 for a rusty old longbed Chevy with a healthy sounding 454 based big block, a 4 speed, and 34" mud tires. Ended up swapping to 36's a few months later after the truck went north of 3 digits on the highway one night and slipped a belt in the tractor store special tires. After that, the truck had the piss driven out of it for a few years in high school, then I left it at home when I moved to Phoenix, dropping it off at a body shop that employed the guy I traded my S10 to for body work. The bed was trashed, so i planned on doing an aluminum flatbed. After checking prices, I located an original '73 Chevy pickup bed that had been converted to a trailer. Drug it to Missouri, had it all painted. We noticed between times the truck had developed a nasty rod knock. Ended up eating the cam and lifters, so went a little bigger. Anyways! Shipped the truck to Phoenix, wheeled and enjoyed it for a few years there. Swapped to the hummer H2 wheels and 38's right before moving home. Been doing a lot of driving and light wheeling since. The truck doesn't look near as good now as it does in most of theae photos sadly. I've got huge ideas for the truck but no place to work on it currently. 

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