198 HP
200 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2600 LB
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
getrag 260

My first car, i am currently 17, bought the car on a limb sight unseen off craigslist. Have always wanted and E30 and have been searching for the right one for a couple years. When I bought it the car it came with a M50B25TU engine out of a 1995 325is and the trans was out of a 1996 325. It was by no means perfect, couldn't even shift into second gear do to grinding, needed new tires, some fucked up wiring,was missing a lot of trim pieces, etc... Since if got the car I've purchased an Mtech 2 body kit for it (front and rear bumper, still undecided if i like the Mtech 2 side skirts) took out the buckets seats with 4 point harnesses and added some e30 sport seats, swapped the trans fluid for some royal purple syncromax to get second gear back, new tires (225/45/17) all around, and purchased some back seats because there was none when i got the car. As soon as i get the front and rear bumpers fitted i'm going to plastidip the car. As for suspension it is sitting on raceland sport springs (not coil-overs) with Bilstien shocks, E30 stock steering rack is sloppy and plan to switch it with one from an e36, although that probably wont help with the rub at wheel lock that i have now. So still a work in progress, maybe a piece of shit to some but I love her and am never selling this car too much fun. 

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[]Alex Winand

No plastidip... Its a great looking car, Do it right, don't make a ricer decision and fuck it up

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