236 bhp
283200 sqp
Curb Weight
5800 lbs
Fuel Efficiency
15 mpg

2013 Tacoma Double Cab, V6 4.0L, Shortbed Base Model with 4WD and Factory Tow Hitch. Currently 90K miles Installed: 33" BF Goodrich Kevlar K02's Fuel Anthracite Rims RCD 4.5" Drop Bracket lift with Bilstein shocks Demello Offroad 3-Hoop Steel Front Bumper Bullet Proof Fabrications "TACOMA" Grille Westin Nerf Bars Weathered American Flag Decal WeatherTech Window Seals Husky FloorLiners for the Cab Wet Okoles 2-tone Red and Black Seat Covers Ammo Can toolchest in the Bed Radiator & Cab Mount Bushings - Energy Blacked out Headlights with Halo items purchased from The RetroFit Source: 55W Morimoto bulbs w/ ignitors, D2S miniprojectors and 75mm Amber/White Halo D rings Painted Pinch weld of Cab

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