365 Hp
330 lbft

I bought the car in Winder, Ga in 2005 for $600 with a n/a 7m motor. I saw the car for sale on the side of the road and thought maybe it was a 240sx. This is when 240’s were just starting to become popular over here. I’d never saw an mk3 supra before. I stopped and saw that it was in decent shape but had over 200,000 miles on the ticker. I got the money from my grandmother and knew i was going to mod it. We had the original motor rebuilt but still had rod knock. We moved back to Virginia in 2006 and my mom put in the equity to get a 7mgte turbo motor installed. It was installed by Pro motion in Frederickburg and we’ve been modding it ever since. I’ve done most of the work by myself and the help of my dad and two brothers.

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