300 HP
Engine Size
5.7 L
Transmission Type

My dad bought this car around 4 years ago. It's an 1977 C3 Corvette with a L48 350 completely rebuilt, Holley carburetor, heads, pistons and more. This Vette is mainly just a Sunday driver, me and my Dad go to local car shows with it and for three straight years she's been chosen to be part of the Corvette Extravaganza exhibition in Plaza Las Americas (the biggest shopping mall in Puerto Rico & the Caribbean). Mainly I'm the one who drives it since my old man prefers to drive his 1977 Chevy Nova. If the Vette is handed to me, I would like to do a Resto Mod and fit a modern LS V8 under the hood along with more modern wheels and tires.

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[]Cameron VanDerHorst

Can't wait for the LS1 swap. I've talked many times about wanting a C3 'Vette to play around with on my podcast.

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