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From Bulgaria to the US and all in between.Cybersecurity student and professional. Former Muay Thay practitioner.
V- SR402 days ago

Found all motor mounts in a bad shape. I see and hear use Smooth-on products to stiffen up the mounts. Most of them use 60A. I went with 50A, just a tiny bit above the factory grade. I will give it a go and see for myself. Since this is a daily, I don't want to get too much vibration transfered into the cabin. Guess am gonna find out soon :) 


[]Ernie Szots


[]V- SR

That is what I said too. After seeing a bunch of videos and people talking about this for years, I will give it a try. The mounts are bad anyway so there isn't anything to loose. Just an experiment. :)

V- SR407 days ago

Last night, we had to pull the motor out. There is no way this repair be done with the engine in the car. No wonders Nissan charges $4500 for this job. Well, while in that state, I will get to upgrade the motor mounts as well. Wish I was prepared and could have gotten axles too. But that is next up. .. Such a great motor coupled with a bad transmission. Still mad at it. That could've been a

V- SR416 days ago

This weekend will be a good one. The last players just arrived. I will be replacing all timing chains, all guides, all tensioners, water pump, crank pulley seal, oil cooler seal, and valve cover gaskets... and whatever else I find laying around the garage lol Will be getting her straight before the other major project kicks in.  Perhaps I will be recording this for others to see. 

V- SR426 days ago

Doing front shocks is not as hard as they claim to be... Basic tools, spring compressor and the right approach to work with the car and not against it :)

V- SR537 days ago

About to replace all bulbs with LEDs aiming for 700+ mod score!!! Car drives so fast LEDs will help others see me coming and going :D

V- SR554 days ago

Car makes too much power blows second transmission in 6 mo. Warranty killer LMAO

V- SR583 days ago

WheelWell team, I need some assistance! On behalf of Hill's Garage, MD, I would like to get in touch with Matt to invite him to test some of our Z and G builds. I know you can connect me with him. Would you do it? Thanks

V- SR583 days ago

Getting a vacuum leak. It comes from the back side of the plenum, but I cannot determine where exactly. It is very tight and difficult to reach there. I tried with brake cleaner spraying the hoses and other intake parts, but nothing. At rest, the car idles normally. When at slow speeds, removing my food off the throttle the idle stays high. Not immediate response when I get on it either. No check engine light... It is frustrating. I may

V- SR583 days ago

DMV folks wanna hang out?

V- SR591 days ago

Billy Bo sent me. He wishes you happy holidays! I do too.

V- SR597 days ago

In order to replace the spark plugs, I had to take the upper manifold out. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Great learning experience. What a difference in performance new spark plugs make alone....

V- SR620 days ago

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio New Record at Nürburgring

V- SR622 days ago

Who can tell me what's wrong with this picture? The first correct answer will get 20 tuner points.

V- SR629 days ago

After lots of calculations, thinking and what not, I decided that this vehicle is at its performance limit. Unfortunately, the CVT is very difficult to work with. Great platform, great engine, and not so great transmission for upgrades. My friend and I started building a rear mount turbo set up. At just 5psi it would give us approx. 50lbs of torque. This setup would add a little bit of lag so we thought that the trans will be safe.

V- SR629 days ago

Last weekend, Mitchell Apex hunter and I hung out for a bit. We have been trying to meet up for a while now and finally we did it. Very cool guy! His Audi is impressive. And that sound tho... Glad to meet you mate!

V- SR650 days ago

One of my lug nuts decided not to roll with me anymore aka fell off, and others are going bad so I am looking to replace the whole set. Now browsing Ebay I see the price varies from $32 to $60+ for one lug nut as stated... Am I missing something? I know English is my second language, but does that sound right to you LMAO Knowing that this kind of nut goes for $2.50 at Rockauto, Ebay sellers

V- SR654 days ago

Infiniti meet / Nissans welcomed

V- SR654 days ago

If you are asked to install TwitchPlayer, please DO NOT accept!!! Make sure your browser settings are set to notify you when an application requests access to your computer! I doubt Whellwell promotes this application (Wheelwell members correct me if I am wrong). This application can be malicious and expose you to vulnerabilities.

V- SR654 days ago

It was once supercharged. Now it is superblown lol

V- SR654 days ago

Parting out a Civic. It has to go asap. Parts will be up for sale. Trunk, taillights, doors... let me know if you need anything.

V- SR654 days ago

New projects coming up. It is going to be fun once my friend and I open our little garage...

V- SR682 days ago

Tonight it was a fun night. Unexpected line up included M35, TL and my "Nina". I appreciated the fair play and the use of turn signals before switching lanes. Safe play. Team "Nina" was undefeated and left the scene with a significant advantage. I didn't really open it up too much, just about 40%, because it is hard to spot a cop at night... It is always satisfying to see that your car can move, isn't it? :D

V- SR704 days ago

First time doing Clay bar. Man this is a serious workout! Next time , I will make sure I eat bigger breakfast. The bar picked up some dirt, over spray and build up. On some areas I could feel the difference. Overall the car was pretty clean. Is there "WOW"?- Not really. Polish and wax later on when the sun comes down.

V- SR704 days ago

Auto Spa day. Clay bar, polish and wax.

V- SR706 days ago

Most of times it does not matter what you drive, rather how you drive. #Swag Good night Wheelwell fam!

V- SR709 days ago

Nothing crazy yet exciting that I will get to work on the car this weekend. Centric and Akebono gonna workout together.

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