200 WHP HP
Curb Weight
3257 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.4 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

This is my TSX. Looking at the spec sheet, my car does not really appeal to car enthusiasts. Being FWD and weighing over 3200 lbs, it's starting to look more like a Camry. However, as soon as you drive the car, you'll immediately fall in love with the high revving engine, superb handling characteristics, and the silky smooth 6 speed shifter. Any references to a Camry will surely fade away. Being a daily driver, the original plan was to just leave the car completely stock. But as soon as my dampers started to leak, the modding bug bit me. I could have just replaced them with the OEM parts and be done with it, but it was too great of an opportunity to get something better. Then the sickness begins, when you get shocks, you might as well get lowering springs. When you get lowering springs, you might as well upgrade the rear sway bar. Then you start thinking power mods, and the list goes on. Prior to having this car, my auto mechanic skills were severely lacking. Since having this car, I've done ~70% of the installation and maintenance myself, and it has been a ton of fun learning along the way. Definitely will keep the exterior in its stock state since the idea of having a subdued sleeper is very appealing. Not to say that this car is fast, but it generally surprises people when you demonstrate what it can do. Again, this is "my" TSX.

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