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Whats your track day beast?

Post by Vaughn Glace...

[]Hayden Baker

2003 350Z

[]Michael B. Gonzales

I used to regularly run a cbr600. She wasn't pretty (had a few spills) but was so rideable that in my mind I was keeping up with Rossi ;)

[]Basir Khan

What was it like being behind the mighty Veyron?

[]Vaughn Glace

Its intimidating but so surreal at the same time. Theres no words that can put it to justice really😂😂

[]Sammie Robertson

I've never gotten to track the S2k, but I hope to soon!

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What jems are in your garage?

Post by Vaughn Glace...

[]Robert Sixto

How is that Alfa Romeo to drive? I've always been curious and they are super affordable still.

[]Vaughn Glace

Its a really fun car to drive when it has the right tires and is pretty solid but make sure the weather isnt too hot and your not asking too much of it because its still a 80's Italian car.

[]Gregory Garoppolo

My '94 Audi Cabriolet currently gets the privilege of living in my garage... or inconvenience depending on how you want to look at it. My garage isn't the easiest to use, so the car that gets driven the least and has the safe top gets to take up residence in their for now.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

Love the look of that BMW in there! But out of curiosity, are those tires off the drives side on the wall? Because if so, that's a lot of tires!

[]Vaughn Glace

They are all kart tires, where I live theres a $10 disposal fee per tire and I havnt gotten around to getting rid of the used ones yet.

[]Chris Dirkschneider

damn, $10 each? Time to build a playground and shred those things...LOL

[]Vaughn Glace

Hell yeah, call it Skids for the Kids

[]Chris Dirkschneider

I like it!

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