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        []Vlad Vykhopen

        I bought this car off the rebuilt auction in VA with flood title. Car had 90k miles and only one owner, always being serviced at the same dealership. This rust free beauty caught my eye early summer, so I was waiting for about 4 months for it to finally being put on the auction. My bid was 1500 and I got it. 500 for delivery to Florida, and I have this water filled wagon sitting at my work. Took me two weeks to get all the water out, which I suspect was the cause of very popular problem all allroads have - stuffed drainage hose. Anyway, I ended up replacing an abs pump fuse, all my weird Christmas lights went off after reset and car is ready to drive after inspection. It is a rebuilt title, but honestly that's just how most of Russian/Ukrainian people do it - and we are proud of it. The car has some cosmetic wear inside, and couple dinks and scratches outside, so it will need some work. This was a car I always wanted growing up, and after having A4, A3 and couple diesel Jettas, I think it was finally time to commit to buying this unreliable monster.

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