181 HP
195 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3296 LB
Engine Size
3.2 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed
Top Speed
130.5 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
15.8 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
7.6 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
20 MPG
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        Originally from Beverly Hills California, This car was sold to a man in Toronto, Ontario in 2006. He originally purchased it as a parts car for his 1988 635. When he finally recieved the car he realised it was in too good of a condition to part it so he spend $3000 on engine repairs, bushings, engine mounts etc. He only drove it 100km before storing it and that was the end of that. I found it on Kijiji close to me when i was looking at various e30s to purchase. Decided that why not check it out since its close to me. Fell in love with the car when I saw its dirty mess. It was caked with dirt. I chose to buy the 633 over the 635 because it was a California car unlike his Canadian one which was rusted. Although he did supply the parts to fix it. Bought the car for $2500 (Canadian) With recaro seats. The interior was beige and ugly although the VIN stated it was originally black. I replaced almost all the parts to black and fixed all the electronics issues over the months. When I bought the car I had no idea how to do anything car maintenance wise. My first car was my 2015 Jetta so no need to do anything to it. I went on forums and google to teach myself how to do it all. Now the car has a fully working sound system with an aftermarket blaupunkt radio, brand new BOSCH fuel injectors, new fan clutch and fan, thermostat and its entire housing. A few coolant hoses and vacuum hoses. And soon I am getting new bumpers for the car although these are great to sit like a bench and eat.

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