168 HP
196 LB-FT
Four Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
15 MPG
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        It's an SUV. For the price I paid for it and for what I needed it to do, it has been invaluable. I needed a reliable 4x4 with decent cargo space to help me move around. I'm hoping to keep it in my fleet and upgrade the brakes, install a transmission cooler, pull the motor and do a few upgrades, install a winch, raise it an inch or 2 with spacers, install a tow hitch and hopefully use it to pull my Z or other projects on a flatbed. In the meantime... might I say, it looks bad-ass with those Goodyear Duratrak tires?

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        []dave 's addiction

        Nice! I just picked up an '03 Pathfinder before this winter for snow duty/dogs/camping/kayaks/offroading etc. Hoping to keep mine a long time as well.

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