140 HP
236 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3285 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Automated Manual
MPG (City/Highway)
33 MPG
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        So i had been speaking with the Volkswagen Dealer in January 2016, during the whole "we cant sell Diesels because DieselGate" was going on. they had a mk6  2 door TDI golf 6spd manual with 39k miles, the exact car i wanted but refused to sell it to me because of diesel gate, frustrated about this i told him to call me and let me know when they could take my money haha, dead of winter and i only had a 2013 YZF-R1 and a 2000 XR650r supermoto , i was tired of riding through the cold but i didn't want to buy a car i didn't want. April came along and the Georgia rainy season was upon us (rainy season here is from April to until it freezes again.. i hate Georgia) i had spent hundreds on "water proof riding gear" only to find out in the first rain of the season that none of it was in fact water proof, not even a little. so i went back to the dealer i had spoke with before and inquired about the golf i had wanted, to my amazement he said they still had it and dropped the price $3,000 dollars, i was pretty ecstatic.. until he took me to see it and the manager wouldn't give him the key because the car was on hold under a recall... for Takata air bags...  there had been a 2 week window where i could have bought the car and the dealer said he didn't call me because he lost my number, i was disappointed but oh well, shit happens. as i was leaving the lot i saw what is now my 2010 TDI Jetta SportWagen sitting off to the side just freshly placed on the lot a few moments before, some O.G. Granny (the bass was hella cranked up)  had traded it in, 37k miles on the clock and extremely clean. I was skeptical about whether I'd fancy it or not so i took her for a test drive and absolutely loved it, nice smooth but tight ride, Torquey and didn't feel heavy or slow, the interior quality felt better  than any older VolksWagen I'd ever sat in but i hated the Granny champagne color... so they dropped the price $1500 and i was happy, bought the car that day. If you don't have a Granny Champagne colored car i highly recommend it, it's like you don't even exist to cops. Road Trips were the main goal for this car (because #wilderness) and i love the comfort, i had an '06 Evo 9 that i bought while living in Monterrey Cali and then drove it 3,000 miles (in 2 days with everything i owned stuffed in it) when i moved to Georgia; 1. i'll never gumball a road trip like that again in leather recaro bucket seats surrounded by cheap hard Mitsubishi plastic  2. i'll remember to get a real phone and have more than one CD lol 3. i dont want to do a trip like that alone again. 4. 1-2 hour power naps in recaro bucket seats are not comfortable at all.  more to that story some other time, lots of fuckery. Now with the JSW i can sleep in the back for long road trips and hook up a small trailer for motorcycle/camping trips and what not, I've been extremely happy with this car and highly recommend it to any and all.

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